Saturday, September 30, 2006

The MYS 5 Mini Challenge

Challenges have been sweeping the crafting world lately. There's the 25 motif Challenge for tatters, the 50 Challenge for stitchers and now the MYS 5 mini challenge! I am staying away from that 50 challenge as far as I can, no way, Jose! However I am ankle deep with the 25 motif Challenge via The Sanguine Tatter and am really excited about our local variant the MYS 5 Mini. Hmmm...something about that number 5 huh? exciting time ahead indeed. Planning those minis are half the fun really. Here are the rules. Yeah, I like guidelines for the simple fact that their meant to guide :)

a. Starts on 1st October 2006
b. 5 finished Minis/Snippets in any craft medium
c. Finished by 31st December 2006
d. Must be with you on New Year's Day and not given away prior

That effectively means my X'mas gifts to my family are friends are not included! They'll be given away by Christmas Day!

Here's what I am thinking:

1. biscornu
2. more pin keeps :)
3. photo book?? I must at least try one and see if I like it
4. scissors fob
5. needlebook
6. scissors case
7. note book
8. A couple of Bent Creeks
9. A couple of Lizzie Kates
10. A couple of smallish samplers
11. Christmas Ornaments

A tall order?...nah...just throwing ideas out on this blog :) Care to take up the's easy and very doable I assure you!

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  1. Wowee....BJ I thot you need 5 minis only... *wink*..I might take up the challenge..well, just wait till x'mas and I'll know if I've made it...LOL Some great ideas there !!