Saturday, April 28, 2007

Colours Galore

My shipment of Carrie's Thread arrived today. What an amazing selection of colours! I sorted out all my pre-orders earlier in the evening and will be mailing them out on Monday. My stock card's updated now, you can have a look see here.

Pardon the picture, the reds look so fushia...sigh....

Friday, April 27, 2007

Who will buy this wonderful morning?

Sings poor Oliver.

Strange title for one who is typing this at a little past 11 at night! But my finished piece is definitely a pick me up. In fact it screams 'Good Morning' at ya!

Good Morning
Designed by Prarie Schooler (JCS Magazine)

Stitched with DMC threads on Cashel, 2/2

It's been slow stitching lately, even Good Morning took like a week and a half. Neverthless I can't wait to start the Long Dong 18th Century Mystery Sampler (from The Gift of Stitching) SAL come May 1st with my fellow friends at NNC.

Comment Notes: As always I thank you for dropping by, and many thanks for those who take their time to leave a comment. Appreciate it loads. The picture is all wrapped now, all ready to be sent to the new couple.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wedding Sampler Framed

I walked to the framers yesterday evening, just to enquire if the sampler was ready. True enough it was hanging on their walls.

No fancy framing, wanted to keep it quite simple. So all is left is to wrap it up with some pretty ribbons and send it to Derek's mom who live 3 streets down my house.

Comment Notes: I hope all is well with everyone. Thank you my fellow bloggers for the lovely comments. Have a great week ahead.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thread Winder in the making

It was a first for me. It was quite a pain but the results is so fine. As they say, no pain no gain.

I can see what the ruckus is all about in stitching 1 over 1 :) I stitched the word 'rubans' 1 over 1 on 28ct Cashel! This I attribute to Vonna's, Margaret's and Lillie's encouragement. Thank you my ladies . I am going to try 1/1 stitching on 25ct Lugana when my fabric arrives sometime next week I should think. Vonna knows what design I'm gonna stitch ;) After stitching the one on ones, oh my... my flowers (2/2) looked so clumsy and un-refined.

I'm gonna finish it into a thread winder during the next FAL weekend on Focus on Finishing. Project is due on 30th June (Quarterly SAL on NNC) so I have plennnnty of time :) BTW the tutorial can be found here. And the template I've used is from an amazing beader from down under! You know who you are! LOL!!

Design from Sajous (freebies)
Stitched with DMC threads on Cashel
Mix of 2/2 and 1/1 stitching

Onwards to some shameless promotion. My order from Carrie's thread will arrive sometime the 4th week of April. Meanwhile I am taking pre-orders. I have not brought in the full range at this moment, in time hopefully so ;) Do browse the colours I will have and let me know if you'd like to get some :p The list of colours can be found here.

Comment Notes: Thank you all for taking your time to come by and to those who take more time and drop me a comment or two. I am encouraged, I am inspired. Terima kasih!

Note to Barbara: (It's like a note to myself :) ) Well, tatting need not be difficult Barbara, you've only one thing to master i.e. the flip, therafter you're on easy street. Let me know if you want to take it up, I'll guide you along. I am sure my friend Faizon (tatter and designer) will be there to help US ;) Tatting is a cult, we're always recruiting members! LOL!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tatted Doily Gift

This doily is for my friend's mom who is recovering so remarkably after a major surgery. I thought a small doily on her bedside table will brighten her room just a little.

I reliase now that the Size 20 thread I used did not yield a finer, more delicate look that I wanted to achieve. Because I wanted the doily to be of an acceptable size I opted for size 20. I must make a mental note to use 30 and finer.

Also I've wanted to tat Faizon's doily design for some time now and it had only 4 rounds, hence the eventual diameter of 4.5" at size 20.

Tatted Doily
Design by Wan Faizon Yusoff
Tatted with DMC Cordonnet 20

Friday, April 06, 2007

Biscornu and a Pouch

I've been meaning to stitch something for Emily for the longest time. She has a great personality, generous and always cheery! In every way a kind soul.

During our meet in February we chated a little and June and I declared we've never made a biscornu before and I told June I admired Emily trying it out so soon after embarking on cross-stitch (BTW Emily is a fantabulous crocheter!). Emily mentioned that she has since given away the biscornu, so I figured then and there, that's what I'll stitch for Emily.

So here's my first attempt at a biscornu (definitely won't be my last). Let me tell you it is E.A.S.Y, it just looks difficult. Focus on Finishing is a good place to start for links to biscornu tutorials.

Design from Papillon Creations's Tiny Little Quaker (freebie)
Stitched with Anchor Multicolours on 28ct Lugana, 2/2

How can I forget Diyana. Tatter extraordinaire! And at such a young age. Tatting such lovely pieces that put me to shame :p She is of course Emily's wonderful daughter. In order to nurture her talent I thought a tatting pouch would be useful. So I stitched a lined bag for Diyana to carry her current WIP! I added jade polymer clay beads to the ribbon made by yours truly :)

Lined Bag
Design by Katrin Cargill
Stitched with Carrie's Thread on 28ct Lugana, 2/2

Pincushion Exchange

Yesterday I received word from Chris saying that she received the pincushion I sent to her for the Pincushion Exchange on NNC.

Design by Katrin Cargill
A motif from her reproduction of an English sampler titled Grace Shaw Sampler 1816
Stitched with DMC threads on 28ct Lugana

Comment Notes: Thank you all for your frequent visits and lovely comments. It's a nice little wedding sampler. The beauty of simple stitching :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Country Couple Finish

This is a quick stitch. It's a wedding sampler for Ann and Derek who's getting married on May 5th 2007. Need to take it to the framers later this evening, I think I have good time.

Basket of Love Sampler
Design by Lynn Waters Busa from her booklet Homespun Hearts and other treasures.
Stiched with DMC threads on Rustico 14ct

Comment Notes: Thank you all for your encouraging words. Thank you Margaret for taking your time to answer my questions. Yes, Barbara, Carrie's Threads are lovely :)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sanguine Store - Launched

Today I started a very small online business. It's called (for the lack of creative names ;) ) ...... Sanguine Store !!

I am selling Carrie's Thread. As you know, I've been stitching a couple of designs with Carrie's Thread and I find the colours super and the range she has is immense. I have been stitching fervently to build up my own gallery of stitched pieces with Carrie's Thread, so that my 'customers' can view some finished pieces :)

I will order my stock, soon after Carrie gets back from her Easter hols. But the machinery has started ;) Here are a couple more sampling:

Design from Papillon called The Three Emblems (freebie)
Stitched with Carrie’s Thread - Viridian on Antique White Belfast, 2/2

Design by Lilian Kok (freebie) - WIP
Stitched with Carrie’s Thread - Deep Purple on Antique White Belfast, 2/2

Comment Notes: Thank you all for your kind comments on Margaret's Pincushion. Yeah Emily, it was intentionally made tiny! :D