Thursday, June 29, 2006

Christmas in June?

Nah...just getting ready. You know how hectic things can get if the stitching is pushed to the last minute. And there's always a million and one things to do during the season. Juggling work, cleaning, cooking, shopping and what have you will be a mammoth task. So this is my second finished X'mas item, yeap a gift. Will add some star beads and finish it up at a later time. So this goes into the semi-completed goody bag.

Linda of MYS is having a sale. Since I have been kinda looking for fabrics for all those beautiful charts that are coming, I snapped up the chance to purchase two fat quarters of 28ct Lugana. I felt it was a good buy. Shades of moss green and fairy dust.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blackwork beauty

Blackwork is easy and fast. It can be quite appealing when done on a larger scale. I just did a very small design, to measure if I'd want to pursue Blackwork a little farther. I might. I actually have a design in mind a Celtic cross from a magazine. So that goes into the pipeline :)

Got the above design from Blackwork Embroidery Archives.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Sanguine Stitcher bakes too!

I bake potato buns this afternoon. Dad likes them from those multigrain breads that I prefer to be baking & consuming. You know whole grain is the way to go. I wonder if it is a good idea to invest in a bread maker, maybe when I've done buying fabrics that I need for all the designs that is coming my way :) No hurry, I'll just make it the old fashion way. Did I hear someone say it tastes better that way?

Finished those Trail Creek Freebies last night. Got some finishing ideas but that'll I'll keep for a later time.

BTW, are my photography skills improving or what?!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Submit Order to 1-2-3 Stitch!

Yeap I hit it!!

Now for some history. I've been pre-occupied with getting those Lizzie Kate charts from 123-stitch. They were on sale you see. Some mornings I'll just browse and look at those cute designs and sigh. Last night, I was quite certain I must get them. So I scoured the designs and eliminated the expensive ones and just focusing on the cheapy ones (the ones I consider really on SALE) i.e. USD1.99 (okay, we all know I am a scrooge). So this morning I resolved into purchasing them ( an uncanny surge of determination, hehehe). And my charts have increased by 8 LK's ( the 4 seasons sampler, 3 Santas, one homey sampler) and one enormous, the jewel of my heart Sara Hathorne Sampler!

Considering I've got some charts on the way from my Ebay winnings, and today a down right purchase, I am in seventh heaven. I must have done something right :)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Rainy Nights

Tonight's one of those nights that never seem to stop raining, drizzles, stops, drizzles again. Not that I am complaining of course. Did the chores except bathe the mutt, which I have left it for tomorrow when it is sunny. Poor fellow hates to be bathed as it is, what more cold weather.

Am relaxing and winding down, made myself a hot cup of tea. Nights like these are rather ideal for stitching wouldn't you agree? The radio's on and I suppose I'll be stitching soon, just some small pieces at this moment. Maybe I'll browse through some magazines and books for some X'mas designs. Continuing the series of seasons, below is Winter.

This is a freebie design that Aida of the MYS group posted. It can be found here only till end of June. Changed it a little to incorporate Chris's name. Converting it to a pocket for a bag I'm gonna make him. He can put his lunch pack and tumbler in it when he goes to preschool next year. I just know the perfect place to get some brown gingham and piping for the pocket. It'll be my Christmas present to him. Aren't those buttons cute? Got it from Linda also from the MYS group.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

All good things come in small packages!

Ain't it so true. Last night being a WIP night for us at the MYS Group, I did some small stitches. Because they were small they were quick to finish and that itself can be quite inspiring. This is what I completed last night.

It is a freebie from Trail Creek Farm brought to the attention to the group by Lilian. I've got 3 more seasons to stitch, tonight's gonna be Winter :) I am using DMC Floss although perhaps it'll look nicer with WDW or GAST. I only have DMC so that is not an option. It's stitched on 28ct Jubilee.

I saw on a Prarie Schooler design (one that I won on Ebay) cover that motifs were stitched and made into small pillows with ribbons and all. That's what I am gonna do, beats going to the framers everytime.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Boo who?

This is a pattern that was sent to me by Niza of MYS group. 'Owl on an egg', is a Bent Creek freebie. Rather appealing to me and funny too. I did some experimenting by tea-dyeing a small piece of white aida. Walla!! I've got khaki coloured aida...or so I want to think ;)

It'll be used for a patch on the calico bag that I was telling you good people about. Maybe fray the edges and stich on a piece of felt. As always will report the finished bag right here on The Sanguine Stitcher :D So stay tuned!!