Saturday, October 27, 2007

Slow stitching

It's been slow going here. Work calls and more in the upcoming weeks.

Here's this week stitching on Long Dog's The Token. Hardly touched it for the better part of the week actually.

A little no-sew project from Quilts & More (Spring Issue 2007).

and my sis's Christmas stitching.

Have a good weekend everyone! Happy stitching!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A week's crafting

As you may have noticed, I have am updating my blog on a weekly basis. Since I am adopting a weekly rotation, I might as well blog when the week is up :)

This week saw me stitching To Laugh Often. It's a really an easy going design and I am getting a hang of stitching 1/1 on 25ct Lugana. Love the powerful words, must get it completed and framed by December 22nd.

A little on the tatting front. I completed the 4th round of an oval doily, another 5 more to go ;)

Lastly a little finishing for my sis's stitching. She' stitched a design from Joan Elliot's Sentiments & Sayings for her friend's twin sons Lincoln & Malcus. I finished it into a wall ornament. And I bought two rompers and pasted a teddy on each :) They look soooo cute.

I've been awarded the 'You make me smile award' by Squazi. Thank you my new blogging friend. It is most appreciated. Most blogs I visit make me smile and they've been awarded already :p by someone somewhere on our big blue marble :D

Comment Notes: Thank you all for continuing to visit me, dear all. The comments you leave are so inspiring and some are even funny! I love them all.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some finishes...small ones :)

I completed my first PS Block for my quilt. It had quite a lot of stitching involved. I've added two more birds on the right side of the garden as I plan to do away with the personalisation parts for all the blocks. Margaret W and me are planning to design an 11th block specially for that. Yasmin is joining Margaret and me for the SAL.

The ornaments of our house...
Designed by Prairie Schooler from the book Friends

Stitched on Antique White Belfast with DMC threads

Next up is another finish...yeah we're on a roll here! :) This is my final installment for the Be Glad Sajou, a SAL with Jess. Jess has one more part to go that it is the lace fringe beneath the blocks. Mine will be finished as a stitcher's wallet and I have some ideas juggling around. Also there's going to be a wee bit more of stitching for the wee pincushion and a scissor sheath that I have planned for the wallet. Stay tuned dear friends ;)

Be Glad Sajou (freebie)
Stitched on Raw Linen Belfast with DMC 498 (sure doesn't look like it in the pic :p)

And here's a load of my sis X'mas stitching finish. She's on the run!! Their mainly from Cross Stitch Crazy Mag, some years back. The white ones are stitched on 16ct Aida and the green one on 18ct Davosa. I think she's getting used to these higher counts. We're like a little factory, she stitches and I finish them. I need to get into the finishing groove somehow ... before Christmas!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Comment Notes: Hey Lizzy, you finished with 'My Needle and My Floss' yet?? I see Harmien coming with a cane!! :D The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pattern must prevail! (written with gusto) :)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Prairie Schooler - Block 1 (to date)

I'm still struggling with the Prairie Schooler Friends 'The ornaments of our house...'. I'll work on this till I finish, before starting my last installment of the Be Glad Sajou.

Next up is the just completed NNC Card Challenge organised by Ying. Ying has so kindly provided all the materials required for the card and we're allowed to add a maximum of 3 items to the making of the card. I am not creative in this department as you will notice ;) My victim...ooops I mean partner was Lene.

I finished an earlier design that I stitched into a little Christmas ornament (never too early!). I included in my package to Lene, I am glad she liked it. The design is from Tantes Zolder (freebie).

Design from Tantes Zolder (freebie)
Stitched on 28ct Lugana with DMC 75

Lastly my sis stitching is back from the framers. I think it looks real swell.

Comment Notes: Thank you all for dropping by and leaving such nice comments. Jeanne: You're right, we must try to keep these old needlecrafts alive. Samplerlover: you can always pickup tatting online these days, there are videos even. My friend Faizon is a wonderful tatter who is always pushing the limits with new designs and techniques. She's got a great blog full of tutorials, you might want to have a look. I know as I've learnt much from her. Squazi: I've used the not so conventional way of needlebook finish found at Casamia (not a tutorial but a picture of it). But there are many other methods of finishing of a needlebook that you can find at Focus on Finishing, complete with step by step instructions! So it should not be too difficult, if you do encounter problems just shout in your blog and help will be on it's way ;)