Saturday, March 10, 2007

Flatfold Photo Frame - Tutorial

You will need:

Stitched piece (a border design)
4 pcs of boards (size of your exact stitched area + 1/4" - 1/2" margin on all sides)
1 pc of co-ordinating fabric (for the back panel)
2 pcs of co-ordinating wrapping paper, felt or fabric (for the 2 inner panels)

  • Cut 2 pcs of the boards slightly shorter as compared to the front and back piece. This is to facilitate easier stitching on the top of the two main pieces later.
  • Cover the back piece with with glue and stick on the batting
  • Cut out an aperture out of the front piece, glue all sides and stick batting, cut out batting covering the aperture.

  • Wrap to two inner facing pieces with wrapping paper, felt or fabric

  • Cut out an aperture from the stitched piece, provide allowance for folding

  • Wrap the back piece with fabric and the front piece with the stiched piece. Ensure the sides are all even, this is the trickiest part

  • Provide a 'ledge' for the photo to sit at the bottom of the aperture by sticking a strip of board. Ensure the position corresponds to the size of the aperture and the size of the photo that you'd want to display. Mine was a 5R i.e. 5" x 7"
  • Mistake: I should have used velcro instead of cardboard that way the bottom part of the front pieces will stick together. I have a gap now.

  • Glue 2 strips of ribbon to the back of the back piece (Pardon the photo)

  • Glue the inner back piece onto the back piece. Glue on all sides and press.
  • Trim the ribbon the required length and glue them to the back of the front piece. Under the 'ledge' or velcro.
  • Paste the inner front piece onto the back of the front piece. Glue only the top and bottom parts. If you're using velcro then just a strip on the top and bottom. The sides are free, so that the photo can slide into the frame.
  • Sew the tops together with slip stitch.
  • You might want to add a clear piece of plastic on the photo to protect it
Give it a try. If you have any questions, comment here and I'll answer them in my next blog post.