Monday, July 31, 2006

While my tea brews...

Sis was kind enough to take me to Yee's on Saturday morn and mom decided to tag along. I have been making a list of fabrics to buy for the designs I've bought recently. The Belfast Linen antique ivory is just splendid and will be used for the Sara Hathorne sampler that's in the pipeline. Also purchased 2 pieces of Cashel Linen, one platinum, the other I don't have a name for it, lighter than raw linen I should think. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for my purse Floba's out of stock. Mr Yee said new stock will be in only next year! Oh yes, and a piece of 16ct aida, antique white.

Got me some Anchor floss for my cushion project. Have you seen Anchor's metallics? Wowzer! The quality is just super! Ah yes and a ball of lilac variegated tatting thread for that 'one day' project :S

Mom, was browsing around and asked me to stitched The Last Supper, I said I've bought that chart years ago and she said 'What are you waiting for?' . Good question. OK so that goes into the to-do list too.

It was a quick trip, with sis and mom it has to be. But if I've missed out on some stuff I'll just order via the phone, however that should not happen anytime soon. Maybe next year when Mr Yee stocks up again.

Upon reaching home and sorting the stuff out, I cut a piece of cashel for LK's 'Bless Our Home'. I can see me repeating this project for 2 people I know who's moving to their new home end of this year. Quickly ordered the heart charms from Linda to compliment the LK's. I intend to do some semi-customised framing for the LK. My framer has agreed to let me bring home the frame after he has put the pieces together, I'll attempt to paint it and give it a weathered look, that I've come to like so much, return the frames, so that my framer can complete it. How grand?!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A month later...

Just how time flies. Nik and me started the JEFS SAL on 1/7/2006 and now it's almost a month. We're going to give the SAL a break because of Nik's impending exams. We're resuming on 15/8/2006. It'll be a change for me while Nik's burying her head in those thick books! I've got some stitching lined up.

I am going to finish Le Quaker (Part 5 & 6). Might take me like 3 - 4 nights. Saw some nice frames that will be perfect for Le Quaker at the frame shop that I went to on Monday. A couple of zanny LK's are in the pipeline and some tiny samplers. So that should keep me busy till we re-start the JEFS SAL.

Sure am glad I am doing this with Nik. The thought of letting Nik down is a no, no. Her determination spurs me on. Support! An essential ingredient to a SAL and seing those teapots and cups and saucers come to live, a gratifying feeling indeed. And when it's all framed and hung on our kitchen/dining walls...ah...pride and joy!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's all coming back to me now

I've got a size 20 tapestry needle in my needlebook. That can only mean one thing? No idea? What about perle threads? Ah...that's a dead giveaway. I've started on a small hardanger doily on Saturday night. It's a free design from Nordic Needle. I hope it turns out as pretty as the one on the site, it is afterall been a while. So here's progress to date, just a bunch of kloster blocks I am afraid on 22ct hardanger.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Time & Productivity

Tatting is my project on the go. It is very portable and once you've got the design in memory, off you go. It's best for slight longish journeys where one can make strides in their progress. My edging is now in the final row of 3 rows, 36" of it or thereabouts.

This is going to the framers later in the evening, bout 'time' don't you agree? :) All washed and pressed. Will post the framed clock, 2 weeks from now.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday finish

It took a couple of hours to complete the needle book. Spent more time then I allocated for really. It was rather interesting and the finish is nice, if I say so myself. So that'll take pride of joy on my 'stitching desk', my so called stitchers' tools. Maybe a biscornu next??


inside (with the necessary compartments)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Withdrawal symptoms

Not the intravenous kind nor the snorting kind while 'Hey Jude' plays on the radio. It's the stitching kind. Does that mean I am a confirmed addict? Is rehabilitation in the cards? Shall I check into SA (Stitching Anonymous) ? LOL!!

I've not been stitching this couple of nights and my JEFS SAL suffers for it. However I've been reading...cross-stitch books! I bought a book from Popular yesterday evening. Lily the bookshop girl called to say that 2 new cross-stitch books have arrived, reserved for me I feel important or what. So I decided to get one of them, going for a steal really RM15.90 and the designs are absolutley lovely (aren't they always). She was on leave so I passed the bookmark I made for her to a co-worker. I am expecting an elated call Friday morning ;)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Of needles and linen

I was inspired to do up a needlebook after visiting the Blue Ribbon site. It's called the Alphabet Tree. It had a rather detailed tutorial on how to make up a needlebook and it was a free design. I'm going to make some changes to the borders though.

Inspiration became art when Margaret (MYS) was so generous to pack some needles and linen and mail it to me. So Margaret, I hope you'll be happy to note that I have utilised your gifts and transform it into what else...a Needlebook! Here's a progess pic:

I'm gonna try the above design in another colour variation...we'll see...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Gift for a stranger...almost

Remember the bookmark that I'd wanted to do for this nice girl at the bookshop, well it's finished. I won't be giving it her too soon, maybe when Raya comes. Like a Raya gift for her. Can't be giving gifts to some strangers for no apparent reason...well...right? It's stitched with Anchor Multicolours, beautiful colours on 18ct aida. I stitched her name and the year to personalise it, making it just a tad more special. I just know she'll like it :)

Saturday morning crafting

I bought a plain cap some days back from Jusco. So since I had some buttons left and some ribbon from previous craft sessions, I thought I'd transform this plain looking cap to a of art?...nah...just sprucing it up a little. It's for my mom, she's more in the garden than in the kitchen! Was just telling me that she's gonna plant some tomatoes...obviously I have no complains :)



Friday, July 07, 2006

Samplers avalanche

I know...I'm exaggerating. Well to me it's true. I've never bought so many charts in my entire life. Have I gone overboard? Nah...just this once...honest. A treat for moi.

My pledge. "I solemnly endeavour to stitch most of the charts that I have been so lucky to have purchased, those beautiful samplers, heartfelt country designs, zany LK designs and the next 20 years"!!

Here's a feast for your eyes:

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Samplers galore

I got my 1st batch of purchases yesterday. Ahem! This is an eBay win for London. Her name is Anne and she was so kind to susidise the postage. Can you imagine? I am beginning to believe that stitchers have hearts of gold!

They were her collection of samplers that she has collected through the years from magazines but never got around doing it. From the date of some pages I can see it was from 1995. I was quite anxious in winning that bid. She said that she'd only accept PayPal for International bidders, so I went away. And then I discovered Western Union and proposed that to her again. But I soon realised that Western Union was charging and arm an a leg for their fees, the bid was only for 50p for pete's sake.

So I had to resort to good old bank draft and proposed that to Anne instead and she agreed. You see determination pays :) So with me now is like....oooh...let me see...42 pieces of sampler designs! Anne's really got good taste I tell ya...similar to mine...hahaha! It's all in those plastic envelopes, neat. I suppose her wish came true...the samplers are in a good home ;)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Customer service at its best

I was at my clients when I got a a call on my cell this morning from this sweet girl at the bookshop, telling me there's a new book on cross sttiching. Only 1 title and 1 copy. And she called me first! I felt so important, so priviledged. It was The Cross Stitchers Bible - Project Book by Jane Greenoff. When I asked her how much was it retailed for and when she said RM90, I gasped! I had to go and see this book so I told her I'll be there oneish, was that okay? She said no problem as she'll be having her lunch only after two.

It was a beautiful book no doubt, but on the pricey side. I had to stop somewhere with all my recent purchases. Money don't grow on trees so I've discovered. I had to decline and told her my heartfelt thanks, so touched that she tought of me. I must stitch her something, maybe a bookmark? OK...yes a bookmark. Let me browse through some designs, as always dear readers you'll be the first to know :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Craft Store in the making

I've managed to put up a sister blog for my 'store' last night. Spent quite some time taking photos arranging the blogs and coming up with the notes. Selling is hard work!

I'll be adding pics as and when, it'll be proof to be an easier task then as they'll be in small bits. They'll be craft books and charts etc.

Also am gonna put some serious thought into making some buttons and charms from polymer clay for sale.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

JEFS SAL - Ground Zero

Well...almost. Not any point if I post a picture of an empty piece of aida, now is there? It's a wonderful feeling to be working on a 'real' project again. The design is fantabulous and the colours are so vivid. And the thought that this is a SAL with Nik (of MYS) makes it all the more special. Nik is right, after working on evenweave/linen for some time and then switching to work on good old aida, one just flys.

My eBay purchases are on the way from the UK and US. My 1-2-3 stitch purchase is also on the way. The anticipation is killing me. I wonder if anyone died of anticipation? Poor souls. I just need to discipline myself to not get head over heels and start a project while I'm still on the SAL with Nik. I know Nik will keep me rooted. I want the JEFS to have my complete attention.

OK..enough rambling, back to stitching! Ain't life good? :)