Saturday, July 08, 2006

Gift for a stranger...almost

Remember the bookmark that I'd wanted to do for this nice girl at the bookshop, well it's finished. I won't be giving it her too soon, maybe when Raya comes. Like a Raya gift for her. Can't be giving gifts to some strangers for no apparent reason...well...right? It's stitched with Anchor Multicolours, beautiful colours on 18ct aida. I stitched her name and the year to personalise it, making it just a tad more special. I just know she'll like it :)


  1. This bookmark is really lovely! I'm sure this nice girl will love it. BTW, this is the girl who called you first for the book right?

  2. Yes, she's the one. Made a very conscious effort to speak English to me throughout. Commended her for it. While I spoke broken Malay :(