Monday, July 31, 2006

While my tea brews...

Sis was kind enough to take me to Yee's on Saturday morn and mom decided to tag along. I have been making a list of fabrics to buy for the designs I've bought recently. The Belfast Linen antique ivory is just splendid and will be used for the Sara Hathorne sampler that's in the pipeline. Also purchased 2 pieces of Cashel Linen, one platinum, the other I don't have a name for it, lighter than raw linen I should think. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for my purse Floba's out of stock. Mr Yee said new stock will be in only next year! Oh yes, and a piece of 16ct aida, antique white.

Got me some Anchor floss for my cushion project. Have you seen Anchor's metallics? Wowzer! The quality is just super! Ah yes and a ball of lilac variegated tatting thread for that 'one day' project :S

Mom, was browsing around and asked me to stitched The Last Supper, I said I've bought that chart years ago and she said 'What are you waiting for?' . Good question. OK so that goes into the to-do list too.

It was a quick trip, with sis and mom it has to be. But if I've missed out on some stuff I'll just order via the phone, however that should not happen anytime soon. Maybe next year when Mr Yee stocks up again.

Upon reaching home and sorting the stuff out, I cut a piece of cashel for LK's 'Bless Our Home'. I can see me repeating this project for 2 people I know who's moving to their new home end of this year. Quickly ordered the heart charms from Linda to compliment the LK's. I intend to do some semi-customised framing for the LK. My framer has agreed to let me bring home the frame after he has put the pieces together, I'll attempt to paint it and give it a weathered look, that I've come to like so much, return the frames, so that my framer can complete it. How grand?!

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