Thursday, July 27, 2006

A month later...

Just how time flies. Nik and me started the JEFS SAL on 1/7/2006 and now it's almost a month. We're going to give the SAL a break because of Nik's impending exams. We're resuming on 15/8/2006. It'll be a change for me while Nik's burying her head in those thick books! I've got some stitching lined up.

I am going to finish Le Quaker (Part 5 & 6). Might take me like 3 - 4 nights. Saw some nice frames that will be perfect for Le Quaker at the frame shop that I went to on Monday. A couple of zanny LK's are in the pipeline and some tiny samplers. So that should keep me busy till we re-start the JEFS SAL.

Sure am glad I am doing this with Nik. The thought of letting Nik down is a no, no. Her determination spurs me on. Support! An essential ingredient to a SAL and seing those teapots and cups and saucers come to live, a gratifying feeling indeed. And when it's all framed and hung on our kitchen/dining walls...ah...pride and joy!

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