Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas one and all

Merry Christmas everyone and here's hoping it's filled with much joy spent with loved ones.

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Many thanks dear Nik

Tis' the season to be jolly :D Indeed it is!!

I've got a package from the Pos Laju (National Courier) man today and Nik has sent me some fabric with such a festive overtone ;) What could be better than going HO HO HO! I've got some ideas for it already like backings for my future Christmas ornaments ;) And then there's the scissors/handphone bracelet, again in festive red :) You can see me grinning from ear to ear, right? And then there's the oh so lovely card. So this were the cards Nik, Ying, Usha were talking about on NNC!! Really creative stuff!

Picture time:

Thank you so much Nik.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Wedding Sampler for my sis

My sis is getting maried next month so I am rushing this up and then I'd have to give the framer some time to put it all together perhaps I might have to put in a special request (which I don't normally do). I actually stitched Traditonal Sampler some time back for her, but I wanted to keep it for myself instead, so here I am in a rush now. So typical! And the design is from the wonderful book Sentiments and Sayings by Joan Elliot was perfect substitute.

Pardon the shadow I took the pic while it was still attached to the stand.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

5 Mini Challenge Completed

Ladies and Gents, may I present to you my 5 completed minis!! :D

Dance of the Bumble Bee (Bent Creek) framed on a recycled frame

Tote bag with a border design by Annick Abrial

Toilet Roll Holder. Design from Prarie Schooler (freebie)

Photo book. Design from With My Needle (freebie)

Tatted motif pouch

Thank you Margaret Wong for coordinating this challenge. It has been a very interesting journey indeed and it got my right brain working all this while. I feel a sense of accomplishement, indeed their small finishes but it teaches me discipline, techniques and planning. Didn't they say "all good things come in small packages"? ;)


A day of finishes

I've finished 3 items today that I've been meaning to, clearing my pile as I go along. I want to try to have all this odds and ends completed so that I can focus on more stitching ;)

Jo once put up some pics on her Christmas towels and that inspired me to come out with this. I call it a towel topper. It is fully detachable from the towel and I can use the topper with another towel. I might want to do up another later. We'll see.

The design is part of a LHN freebie and it's stitched on 16ct aida with DMC threads.

Next up is a cushion cover that I have envisioned beginning of this year and have finally become a reality. This is a design from Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine. Kinda comtemporary stitching huh? :) I am using a cord within the bias binding, just a subtle touch of purple all around. It needs a thorough washing once I've got the buttonholes sewn on Tuesday.

Lastly, a quick sew. A piece of blue flannel from China costing just RM5/M. Sewn together with some ribbons to hold all my unframed cross stitched pieces.

Comment Notes: Thank you each and everyone for dropping by my humble nook, and your lovely comments warms my heart.

Toilet Roll Holder Mini Tutorial

As promised, the long awaited instructions on the above ;)

1. Cut a piece of fabric measuring 36" x 8" inclusive of hemming.
2. Attached your stitched piece accordingly
3. I am using a double hem and handstitching them. Therefore I need 1" on either side of the holder.
4. Fold another 1/2" each for the top ends of the holder where the loop will be machine stitched over. Oversew them to be sure.
5. Then machine stitch the divider at the proper position as per picture:

That's it! Do comment, should you have any queries. I'll try to help you by replying within the comment section itself.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chris's Bag

I completed the stitching for this piece many months ago but today I've finished it into a lunch bag. Chris will be starting kindergarden next year. He will be 5. So I thought this Christmas present will be useful. I suppose he could use it as a bag for his books too, it's really up to him. He has been asking how come there's no Christmas presents for him yet under the tree and I say, because Santa only give presents to good little boys, he quickly exclaims that he's been good. On the contrary...he's a little rascal!

Comment Notes: Thank you all for visiting and I appreciate each and every comment. I have not forgotten about the toilet roll holder instructions, just that it's been quite hectic here with Christmas so near. Will try to put it up soonest, I promise ;)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another finish!

With this tote bag I bring the 5 Mini Challenge to a close...well almost. I only need to wait for the framers to finish with Mr Buzz of Bent Creek fame and I've met the challenge way ahead of time too!

The design is from Annick Abrial's current SAL. Sewn on to red gingham with ribbons edging for the pocket and beige calico canvas. Need to give it a good wash and then it will be my carry-all bag :)

Comment Notes: OK OK, patience ladies, I'll draw up the instructions this weekend, keep it locked on to The Sanguine Stitcher :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

One finish and many WIPs

Story of a stitcher's life I suppose. I'm wondering if in 2007 I can make some changes by reducing my current WIPs and live the simple life of one project at a time. Did I hear that'll be an excercise in vain?? Gotta try...gotta rise to the occassion!

I should think I need to set aside some time to think things through be it craft wise, work wise, fitness wise etc. 2007 is just too soon.

OK first the good news :) My finish for this weekend. A PS Freebie stitched on 16ct aida. I've finished it into a toilet roll holder, my old one was about to retire and since it's Christmas soon, I thought the bathroom needed a smile :)

Now for the WIPs:
  • Hardanger Doily
  • Sara Hathorne Sampler
  • Shoe face beading
  • Bed socks to knit (before Christmas)
  • Tatted angel ornament (before Christmas)
  • 25 Motif Challenge (tatting) - 11 motives finished so far
  • Tote bag for the 5 Mini Challenge (I'll finish this tomorrow as I needed to get it edged)
  • Boxy Lady Project on NNC (I've finished the stitching, wanna try to make my own box)
  • Finish LK's Friends and family into a wall hanging (before Christmas)
I've got my hands full, to think I've ordered a few LHN's and that's on the way, and the temptation to start on one of them will be very strong. I might start on the Stitcher's Prayer and I need it staring at me everytime I contemplate on starting a new project. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!!!

Comment Notes: Thank you all for your kind words, will finish the patchwork wall hanging soon and then you'll see the bell pull in action!