Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another finish!

With this tote bag I bring the 5 Mini Challenge to a close...well almost. I only need to wait for the framers to finish with Mr Buzz of Bent Creek fame and I've met the challenge way ahead of time too!

The design is from Annick Abrial's current SAL. Sewn on to red gingham with ribbons edging for the pocket and beige calico canvas. Need to give it a good wash and then it will be my carry-all bag :)

Comment Notes: OK OK, patience ladies, I'll draw up the instructions this weekend, keep it locked on to The Sanguine Stitcher :)


  1. Congratulation BJ ! Looks like you are the first. Beautiful color combo for the tote. Nope ! can't sew like you yet! I'll had to satisfy myself drooling for now...LOL

  2. Toilet roll holder?! That sure is some creativity. I'll jump on the bandwagon and ask for the instructions too! *grin*

    And a great job on the challenge, congrats for making it! :)


  3. Wowie, zowie, I love your tote!!! I can't wait until you post the instructions!
    Hurry, hurry!!!

  4. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Very lovely finish. Congrats.

  5. What a cute way to use the border from Annick's new mystery!

  6. Congrats! I love it . . . it is so cute and you done a fantastic job on it!!

  7. Well how lovely is that?! Cute and useful as well! :D