Saturday, September 30, 2006

The MYS 5 Mini Challenge

Challenges have been sweeping the crafting world lately. There's the 25 motif Challenge for tatters, the 50 Challenge for stitchers and now the MYS 5 mini challenge! I am staying away from that 50 challenge as far as I can, no way, Jose! However I am ankle deep with the 25 motif Challenge via The Sanguine Tatter and am really excited about our local variant the MYS 5 Mini. Hmmm...something about that number 5 huh? exciting time ahead indeed. Planning those minis are half the fun really. Here are the rules. Yeah, I like guidelines for the simple fact that their meant to guide :)

a. Starts on 1st October 2006
b. 5 finished Minis/Snippets in any craft medium
c. Finished by 31st December 2006
d. Must be with you on New Year's Day and not given away prior

That effectively means my X'mas gifts to my family are friends are not included! They'll be given away by Christmas Day!

Here's what I am thinking:

1. biscornu
2. more pin keeps :)
3. photo book?? I must at least try one and see if I like it
4. scissors fob
5. needlebook
6. scissors case
7. note book
8. A couple of Bent Creeks
9. A couple of Lizzie Kates
10. A couple of smallish samplers
11. Christmas Ornaments

A tall order?...nah...just throwing ideas out on this blog :) Care to take up the's easy and very doable I assure you!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Different set of tatted motives

Was looking at the tatting threads that I've bought some time back and there was a full ball of DMC Cordonnet Special 40 Ecru sitting in my stash. I was thinking maybe I'd tat up some motives, since I'm in a motif frame of mind thanks to the 25 Motif Challenge. These motives will not be included in the 25 motif challenge. I'd make motives till the ball finishes. Intend this set of motives to be appliqued to a pashmina shawl too but of a different colour.

When I went to Pasar Malam last Monday, I saw faux pashmina shawls being sold for RM10 as June said. I want to get one in matching colour for the Ecru motif tomorrow. Was thinking of black really, but I dunno, kinda contrast too greatly, don't you think? Maybe light brown...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Fusion food anyone?

This is one pasta dish that I am very good at! Here I go tooting my own horn again :) I can whip it up in a jiffy provided I have some prawns or dory fish fillet. It's tomato base, fresh ones mind you, not those can stuff. The twist aka as fusion is it is a little spicy by way of adding some crispy prawn chilli paste (for Malaysians: udang kering and chilli kering). It comes in a bottle and you can get it easily in supermarkets, just a half teaspoon will do...can't take too spicy stuff.

Before it snowed Parmesan actually more like a blizzard ;)

Finally the RM9.90 shop or actually RM9.95 shop ( a variant I suppose) has arrived near me at Carrefour. I was so elated. All the goody stitching mags that I hear so much about on my board (MYS) is within reach. There was only ONE XS-mag there so far...they've just opened OK, give them a break. The mag man said they'll be getting more when I enquired, in 2-3 weeks time, oh my, oh my, couldn't contain my exitement! While waiting for the bus home, I ripped the plastic covering and was browsing it already. I bought SHAPE too, sure need some push to get a decent workout into my daily schedule. When you see the girls with slender arms and flat abs...and the gear they wear, I wanna be there too and I will too...soon... soon...

Saving the best for last..tadaaaa...


Ain't she a beauty? Niza posted a link to a very informative tutorial on how to make a pinkeep. I saved it up and well what do you know! Of course it took a lot of 'clever' planning ;) The design is a freebie by Passione Ricamo called the 'Romantic Stitcher's Set'. When I saw the Moss green 28ct Lugana that was on sale on Linda's Stitch N Such. I just knew that it would be perfect for a pinkeep. And the back?


Mona is shocked! LOL!! I did mention clever right? Aw bought the fabric from Mona and I bought the fabric from Aw. I just had to have a small piece of that fabric. Aw was so kind enough to spare 1/2 M. Thanks so much Aw. that's my pinkeep adventure, quite interesting really and ironically not too difficult, once you get into the hang of it :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New projects galore

I've finished my small contribution for the charity stitching drive. Will be mailing it to them tomorrow. I made 4 toilet roll holders. Unfortunately, I've cut the calico strips a little too narrow, it'll still fit a toilet roll nevertheless.

I've started stitching on a couple of teddies. Their for 2 little tigers in NY. Teddies for bazaar! Cannot elaborate much, because momma tiger reads my blog! LOL! Also all tucked into my scroll frame is my beloved Sara Hathorne Sampler, not the Sampler the linen ;) I finally get to start stitching it. I loved it the first time I was browsing around for samplers. Stayed in my to get list for the longest time. The colours are so...old looking, drab...but in a nice way. I suppose since it's a reproduction, it's intentional. It's a tall thin one 8" x 2' . Loaded with specialty stitches...ah I just know it's gonna be a wonderful time ahead.

And while that take centre stage, I've got some smalls to complete...easy does it... BTW, 'My Sweet Rose' arrived today, massive, massive stitching. I might start after the Sara Hathorne Sampler or maybe only next year...we'll have to see how it goes. As always...will keep you good people in the loop :)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Soul Stitching

I write this in a somber mood. My friend just called to say that his dog of 15 years just died of a heart attack. As many years I've known my friend that is as many years I know Princess. He was crying, he loves Princess to bits. There's a joke between him and me that I get jealous when he speaks of her. I suppose we both clamour for his love and attention. She's an old dog, but I'd be just as sad if Rascal my mutt passed on.

Just this evening I was telling him how I'll drop by to the Veterinary Hospital at Plaza Pekeliling and enquire for a special diet that she needs now.

I've had dogs die on me and everytime it hurts like hell, especially now when I think of Rosie. They come into your life for a decade or so and then they go. I feel anger now, it just gets so sick. And then someone stole Russell. Russell was MY dog, you know. Somehow my mom opened the gate and he and Rascal escaped one morning. Rascal came back without Russell. We searched...God knows we searched. Ah...I cried buckets.

I took this photo in the afternoon to share, on what I've been up to for the charity stitching. I bought the calico and the ribbons this morning. I soaked the calico and it's drying on the clothes line now. It's gonna be on schedule i.e. 30th September. I'll most likely mail it out.

Take care dear friends and good night.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Polly put the kettle on

Ah...yes a finish :)

The JESAL has come to a close, at least for me. Nik's not finished hers but I understand as it was a busy time work wise for her lately. But I should think she'd want to try to complete it before the month of Ramadhan .

So with the finish it frees up my leisure time for some smalls that I've been planning way ahead. They are still time sensitive projects but because their small they'll be manageable. I've ordered My Sweet Rose by John William Waterhouse from XS-Collectibles, more so to take advantage of their free shipping promotion. I doubt I'll be working on it anytime soon. I've never done a project that big before i.e. a pre-raphaelite or any art piece for that matter, so it's gonna be exciting. Maybe I should start in January 2007 and give a year...or two... ;)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

This is a frame up

It's so ironic sometimes and quite coincidental. Nik my fellow SALer got her Trellis all framed up right about the time I got my JJ clock back from the frame shop.

I realise Nik and me have quite the opposite of preferences but share a mutual fiery passion for cross-stitch. She's sent her piece for framing so far away in Penang and I've just walked a little to the market near my home. Her framing is rather elaborate while I prefer a more simplistic approach. See for yourself:

You will see reflections on the glass because it's framed with reflective glass rather than non-reflective, since it's a clock and framed in a box, it's gotta to reflective.

On another stitchy or rather knitty note, I've bought some wonderful yarn from fellow MYS Maestro Knitter Mona.

Yarn? Well...I wanna be a sanguine knitter too :) This is my plan: 1 pair of bed sock for mom's Christmas gift. So it's a time sensitive project. I've got all the material, but I'm lacking the courage to start. So I'm scouring the trusty Net and learning how to do the provisional cast on or the cheater's provisional cast on...oh my...there's a world of knit lingo and jargon out there I tell ya!. Thanks in advance to Mona for kindly offering to help out when I get into some tricky situations, which undoubtedly I will. Here's bed socks (common use thy imagination) at ground zero.

Oh yes and the JESAL. I've completely spent the whole of last night chatting away till 2 am on Skype and figured how in the world I'm gonna make up for lost time. Will try for that home run nevertheless.

And I've been tatting a little during the non-blogging, non-working, non-eating, non-xs-ing and non-whatever times. Finished my 3rd motif for the 25 motif Challenge. Take a peek here.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Backstitch state of mind

That's stitchers' jargon for outlining!

I honestly think it's come to the final dash...just that extra push to tip the finishing line. It's gonna be a photo finish! LOL! As I write this I have no inkling on Nik's progress so far, she might have finished the JESAL for all I know. I've been staying up till the wee hours for this baby. 'Suffering for one's art', yeah Jess nailed that on it's head!!

So I'm trying to think ahead to further stitching, it's called planning by the way ;) There's 2 Lizzie Kate Santas, 2 teddies, 1 half-done hardanger, 13 small floral squares for the Country cushion, 1 Sara Hathorne massive sampler, Charity stitching... oh my, the list goes on...