Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Backstitch state of mind

That's stitchers' jargon for outlining!

I honestly think it's come to the final dash...just that extra push to tip the finishing line. It's gonna be a photo finish! LOL! As I write this I have no inkling on Nik's progress so far, she might have finished the JESAL for all I know. I've been staying up till the wee hours for this baby. 'Suffering for one's art', yeah Jess nailed that on it's head!!

So I'm trying to think ahead to further stitching, it's called planning by the way ;) There's 2 Lizzie Kate Santas, 2 teddies, 1 half-done hardanger, 13 small floral squares for the Country cushion, 1 Sara Hathorne massive sampler, Charity stitching... oh my, the list goes on...


  1. Wowee ! looks like its almost done.
    C'mon a tiny bit more..., then its happy dance :D

  2. Don't forget to add beaded shoes to that list!

  3. Keep it up, you're allowed to sleep once it's finished.
    Isn't it amazing how the thoughts of future projects helps us through the final difficult phases of the one we're stitching?