Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New projects galore

I've finished my small contribution for the charity stitching drive. Will be mailing it to them tomorrow. I made 4 toilet roll holders. Unfortunately, I've cut the calico strips a little too narrow, it'll still fit a toilet roll nevertheless.

I've started stitching on a couple of teddies. Their for 2 little tigers in NY. Teddies for bazaar! Cannot elaborate much, because momma tiger reads my blog! LOL! Also all tucked into my scroll frame is my beloved Sara Hathorne Sampler, not the Sampler the linen ;) I finally get to start stitching it. I loved it the first time I was browsing around for samplers. Stayed in my to get list for the longest time. The colours are so...old looking, drab...but in a nice way. I suppose since it's a reproduction, it's intentional. It's a tall thin one 8" x 2' . Loaded with specialty stitches...ah I just know it's gonna be a wonderful time ahead.

And while that take centre stage, I've got some smalls to complete...easy does it... BTW, 'My Sweet Rose' arrived today, massive, massive stitching. I might start after the Sara Hathorne Sampler or maybe only next year...we'll have to see how it goes. As always...will keep you good people in the loop :)


  1. Anonymous4:59 am

    HAHA! I do read your blog and enjoy it very much!

    *Mommy of the "2 tigers" in the NY*

  2. BJ, It looks good by the way. Sweet colors too. Look forward to see pic of your sampler.

  3. The colours are soo... beautiful!