Thursday, September 14, 2006

Polly put the kettle on

Ah...yes a finish :)

The JESAL has come to a close, at least for me. Nik's not finished hers but I understand as it was a busy time work wise for her lately. But I should think she'd want to try to complete it before the month of Ramadhan .

So with the finish it frees up my leisure time for some smalls that I've been planning way ahead. They are still time sensitive projects but because their small they'll be manageable. I've ordered My Sweet Rose by John William Waterhouse from XS-Collectibles, more so to take advantage of their free shipping promotion. I doubt I'll be working on it anytime soon. I've never done a project that big before i.e. a pre-raphaelite or any art piece for that matter, so it's gonna be exciting. Maybe I should start in January 2007 and give a year...or two... ;)


  1. Congrats, BJ! Wish M close to finishing too!

  2. Great finish! Can't wait to see your next start :)

  3. What a gorgeous finish. Congratulations!!