Sunday, September 10, 2006

This is a frame up

It's so ironic sometimes and quite coincidental. Nik my fellow SALer got her Trellis all framed up right about the time I got my JJ clock back from the frame shop.

I realise Nik and me have quite the opposite of preferences but share a mutual fiery passion for cross-stitch. She's sent her piece for framing so far away in Penang and I've just walked a little to the market near my home. Her framing is rather elaborate while I prefer a more simplistic approach. See for yourself:

You will see reflections on the glass because it's framed with reflective glass rather than non-reflective, since it's a clock and framed in a box, it's gotta to reflective.

On another stitchy or rather knitty note, I've bought some wonderful yarn from fellow MYS Maestro Knitter Mona.

Yarn? Well...I wanna be a sanguine knitter too :) This is my plan: 1 pair of bed sock for mom's Christmas gift. So it's a time sensitive project. I've got all the material, but I'm lacking the courage to start. So I'm scouring the trusty Net and learning how to do the provisional cast on or the cheater's provisional cast on...oh my...there's a world of knit lingo and jargon out there I tell ya!. Thanks in advance to Mona for kindly offering to help out when I get into some tricky situations, which undoubtedly I will. Here's bed socks (common use thy imagination) at ground zero.

Oh yes and the JESAL. I've completely spent the whole of last night chatting away till 2 am on Skype and figured how in the world I'm gonna make up for lost time. Will try for that home run nevertheless.

And I've been tatting a little during the non-blogging, non-working, non-eating, non-xs-ing and non-whatever times. Finished my 3rd motif for the 25 motif Challenge. Take a peek here.

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  1. Nope, BJ, we are not that much different when it comes to the framing. I like some of my stitched pieces framed simply too. It all depends on the piece itself, and the budget! LOL!