Sunday, September 24, 2006

Different set of tatted motives

Was looking at the tatting threads that I've bought some time back and there was a full ball of DMC Cordonnet Special 40 Ecru sitting in my stash. I was thinking maybe I'd tat up some motives, since I'm in a motif frame of mind thanks to the 25 Motif Challenge. These motives will not be included in the 25 motif challenge. I'd make motives till the ball finishes. Intend this set of motives to be appliqued to a pashmina shawl too but of a different colour.

When I went to Pasar Malam last Monday, I saw faux pashmina shawls being sold for RM10 as June said. I want to get one in matching colour for the Ecru motif tomorrow. Was thinking of black really, but I dunno, kinda contrast too greatly, don't you think? Maybe light brown...


  1. Hi Barbara,
    How lucky for you to find such stash .. envy, envy!

    Ecru would look sweet on pastel shade of blue, I think, unless you are not a blue person.

  2. Your tatting is so lovely. I agree with Jon that it would look great on pastel blue.

  3. Hi Barbara,

    Go with blue like the others said or unless you have a dress in mine to match the shawl with. Why blue? Well you can use it for formal wears in the evenings or just wrap it round your shoulders in the cineplex when you are dress down in your jeans. My 2 cents' worth.

  4. Yeah, blue is afterall my fav colour. I hope I can still get a hold of that blue pashmina I saw in the pasar malam. Keeping my fingers crossed till Monday.