Friday, September 15, 2006

Soul Stitching

I write this in a somber mood. My friend just called to say that his dog of 15 years just died of a heart attack. As many years I've known my friend that is as many years I know Princess. He was crying, he loves Princess to bits. There's a joke between him and me that I get jealous when he speaks of her. I suppose we both clamour for his love and attention. She's an old dog, but I'd be just as sad if Rascal my mutt passed on.

Just this evening I was telling him how I'll drop by to the Veterinary Hospital at Plaza Pekeliling and enquire for a special diet that she needs now.

I've had dogs die on me and everytime it hurts like hell, especially now when I think of Rosie. They come into your life for a decade or so and then they go. I feel anger now, it just gets so sick. And then someone stole Russell. Russell was MY dog, you know. Somehow my mom opened the gate and he and Rascal escaped one morning. Rascal came back without Russell. We searched...God knows we searched. Ah...I cried buckets.

I took this photo in the afternoon to share, on what I've been up to for the charity stitching. I bought the calico and the ribbons this morning. I soaked the calico and it's drying on the clothes line now. It's gonna be on schedule i.e. 30th September. I'll most likely mail it out.

Take care dear friends and good night.


  1. Anonymous8:38 pm

    I am so sorry to hear abour your friend's dog. That is so sad. Please give your friend my condolences.


  2. Oh Barbara, I'm so sorry about Princess' death. Yes it does bring back sad memories doesn't it? Our cat Max died in 2001 of old age and when I read of your friend's loss I miss him all over again.
    Take care,

  3. Soo sorry to hear the passing of a best friend. Somehow reminds me of my Snowy, Christy and Jennifer when I read about Princess. But I still hope that all will be ok with time as it helps us to heal.