Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thank YOU Becky

Becky commented on my blog that she would really like to stitch the Stitching Prairie Fairie that I stitched about a month ago. So I did the next best thing ;) I got another copy from Jean's Needle Little Love during here recent SALE!

I tatted a little cross bookmark for Becky in Size 20 and added a tassle. As I have said before the results of tatting in Size 20 can be a little undelicate, but I did not want to tat in 40 as then the cross will be too tiny.

Tatted Cross Bookmark
Designed by Roger (freebie)
Tatted with DMC Size 20

Becky emailed me a wonderful thank you note and am glad to hear that her eyes are mending well but she is taking it easy. She is a wise one :) Her blog and all her creations made from the heart and through her hands have been an inspiration to me. I now strive to stitch a little more neatly :p, to finish a little more cleverly ;) and to love it all a little more dearly :)

Thank you Becky.

To Laugh Often - to date

I've decided to work on WIPs on a weekly instead of daily rotation. I feel that I can see a significant progress towards the end of the week and that is always very motivating :)

The past week I've been working on To Laugh Often and it is coming along nicely.

I did stitch a little freebie and finished it into a needle book during the week. I've added some red felt pages within for the needles. This is for my sis.

Designed by Yuko - CasaMia (freebie)
Stitched on Cashel with DMC threads.

Comment Notes: Thank you my friends, old and new, for taking the time to come by and comment. Thank you for your kind words. You continue to be my inspiration!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Small Dents

Still stitching and making small progress on the WIPs :s

Prairie Schooler Friends, Block 1 - 'The ornaments of our house...' is slow going as you can see. Margaret W and me have been discussing that we should try to aim for one block a month, but it's rather difficult when we have so many 'commitments' ;) No worries, we're playing by ear since this is our first SAL block.

I finish-finished Tanya's 'Tea with Jane' into a tea cosy. I omitted the tatting strip ... honestly? ... I got lazy :p

Then another hair band from Joan's tutorial. Thanks a bunch Joan! This time, this is mine :)

I stitched 1 more square on My Sweet Rose, getting the hang of it, little by little.

Okay that has been my week folks. Take care all and a fab week ahead.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Little finishes

You're right Margaret, after completing the Long Dog's 18th Century Sampler I felt quite aimless ;) Withdrawal symptoms you say? :D

I sewed a hair band for my sis over the weekend. She chose the fabric and it's now finished. I attached a piece of rick rack to add interest to the band. It's really really easy to do. This is where you can get the wonderful tutorial.

I finished a smallish piece this weekend. It's such a simple stitch and I intend to finish it into a tea cosy. I might add 2 strips of tatted lace, just to jazz it up a bit :) You can get this freebie at Tanya's site The Sampler Girl. Tanya's having a contest too on this pattern :)

I've started on My Sweet Rose by John William Waterhouse. Upon much consultation with Hazel, I've decided to stitch her on 16ct aida. Thanks so much Hazel. This will be a looong project. I did a rough estimation, if I stitched one box a week (100 stitches), I'll finish the piece in 9 years!! LOL!! This is the first 100 stitches :p

Plans for this week will include stitching the PS block, completing the block if I can. I think I'll change TLO to the Wed/Thu rotation and the SGB will have to put on the back burner till I complete TLO. Then there's the NNC Card Swap organised by Ying. So that's on the plate this week too. Have a great week ahead everyone!

Comment Notes: Thank you all for coming by and commenting. I really really do appreciate you taking the time to do so. And Shari if you're reading this, you can browse through the many many finishing techniques found at Focus on Finishing. There's bound to be one on drawstring bags!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let's Dance

Everyone put on your dancing shoes and let's dance!! :D

It is such a relief to have finished stitching Long Dog's 18th Century Sampler. As my fellow SAL-ers will attest, this is one tough cookie! The SAL at NNC started on the 1st of May 2007. And so far we have 2 completed pieces out of 6. Nik finished hers yesterday and me today. Rose is close, but she somehow has lost the eagerness to finish hers. Emily, Margaret and Zohrah have still some ways to go ;)

It's been 4 1/2 months of toil and tears :D I am exaggerating of course :) I am happy as a pea really. If it was not for the SAL and all the encouraging comments I've received throughout my journey to this day, it would have been even slower progress bordering on UFO :) For this I am ever so thankful.

Please won't you all good people join me in my little dance :)

18th Century Sampler
Designed by Long Dog (Featured on The Gift of Stitching Magazine)
Stitched on Vintage Cream Belfast with DMC threads

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Needle and My Floss - Framed

I walked to the framers yesterday evening to send my sis's stitched piece for framing and I got this in return :) I selected a brick stained pine frame to match the dress of the stitcher. I quite like it.

And my 3rd installment of the Be Glad Sajou.

Comment Notes: Thank you all for your comments on my LD and my sis's finish. I appreciate them all. Yeap, Cheryl, I intend to frame it once it is finished. With all you good people cheering me on, I hope to finish the last band of my LD by end of this month :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Long Dog 18th Century Sampler - Week 17

This second-last band is absolutely slow, managed only half a band last week.

I am half way through my monthly installment of the Be Glad Sajou. The SGB is going slow too, I am looking at one house and one non-house block per week.

My sis has a finish! This will be going to the framers tomorrow.

Designed by Joan Elliot from her book "Sentiments & Sayings"
Stitched on 14ct Aida with DMC threads.