Friday, August 31, 2007

Drawn Thread's Sampler Game Board - Week 1

This is quite a fun and an easy going design. I am stitching this grand piece on Platinum Cashel with DMC threads. I think it's gonna take some time :)

Noticed I ommitted the year...rather be safe than sorry ;)

Comment Notes: Thank you all for the lovely comments on my pinkeep. I'm beaming :) Yes the backing fabric was perfect, my sincere thanks to Margaret, who gave me both the linen and the backing fabric. As the parable goes...when given your lot...make full use of it! Luigi, please leave your email address in the comment section and I will email you. I will delete your email promptly after receipt. Also a big thank you to new visitors/commentors to my blog. I appreciate you taking the time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

NNC Quartely SAL - Pinkeep

This is my contribution to the SAL at NNC. Very quick and gratifying project. A wonderful tutorial can be found at Focus on Finishing.

Designed by Little House Needlework (freebie)
Stitched on Belfast Sand with DMC threads
Finished as a pinkeep

To Laugh Often - Week 1

This is really a challenging stitch but an interesting one nevertheless. And since I am stitching this for my dad it fills me with much joy as the words are revealed one by one.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A baking and stitching weekend

I baked more like 'tried' to bake Challah this morning. It looked easy enough on the video (don't they all ;) ) I believe my dough was too wet. I was afraid to add on flour fearing it might toughen the bread. It turned out okay though. But it needs another attempt ;)

On to stitching :)

A couple of starts :p Please don't give up on me...I'll finish day...I promise ;)

I've joined Yahoo! Group for Drawn Thread's Sampler Game Board. Nice bunch of people and some familar names too :) I am stitching it on 28ct Cashel Platinum with DMC threads. I'll be SALing it with Barbara on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This must be a first i.e. a SAL with two stitchers of the same name :D Here's my effort from last night:

A piece I've been talking about - To Laugh Often by Twisted Threads. I am stitching this on 25ct Lugana Vintage Mocha, 1/1 with Carrie's Creations (Rosewood & Antique Gold). I just love how the thread variegates the way it does. Gives it an old uneven feel. This will go into my Mondays and Tuesdays. It's a challenge stitching on 25ct 1/1 but since I have recenlty acquired the Daylight Magnifier Lens from Jean's Needle Little Love, my eyes are so much happier :D I'll have to breeze through this as quickly as I can bearing in mind it will be for my dad's Christmas/Birthday/Retirement gift!!! The words of this piece is so powerful and somehow I feel Ralph Waldo Emerson was talking about my dad :D

Now for some finishes. Go me!!

PS Stitching Prairie Fairie (1995) is finished. Minus her right fingers and the needle. I'll do that just before I finish it into a bellpull. 1994's Garden Fairie will be stitched in September.

Another finish is a freebie from LHN. This will be finished into a pinkeep for NNC's Quarterly SAL. Margaret gave me the most lovely baking fabric to match this lovely piece of sand linen also from her :) My thanks to Margaret.

Designed by Little House Needlework (freebie)
Stitched on 32ct Sand Belfast with DMC threads

I leave you this weekend with the progress of sis's stitching. She's doing really well with all that back-stitching! And the piece is popping out now. She's using black seed beads for the french knots. Easier option for a beginner I should think or else...I'll end up doing them for her and that's not an option :p

Comment Notes: Thank you everyone for dropping by and inspiring me so. I do appreciate you taking your time and leaving a comment.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bounty Received

Never in my wildest dreams have I expected such gifts from Emily. The amount of stitching that she has done and the work that has gone into the details and construction of the cushions, truly I am not worthy.

She has stitched not one but THREE yes three pieces for me for the CCE!!! Let me tell you more, she delivered them to my house. Hand delivered. Ah...I feel so special indeed. If only you can see me grin now :) Emily couldn't stay for lunch though I really wish she would, but perhaps some other day.

I need to add that cross stitch is not Emily's primary craft. She's an expert crochetor and took up cross stitching about 2 years ago. So now you know how awed I am when she took pains to stitch and not just any little design but three rather challenging ones. She even designed the borders using motifs from the main design. I am so impressed and so humbled. Truly I am.

Isn't this a beauty? This is a motif from CasaMia (freebie). She sewed the cushion cover 14" x 14" with some very luxurious velvety kinda fabric and she's even provided the cushion insert with it. Think thoughtfulness, think generosity...ooh my heart is bursting.

And this is at the reverse side of the same cushion, another freebie, which I cannot recall now. Note again the borders :)

And this is a longish cushion, good for the back, Emily says :) It's a store bought cushion with cover and she's stitched the lovely heart design from TGOS (freebie). Again dear friends, look at the details on the border!! Their all excerpts from the main motif. Perfection!!

In times like these I feel the word thank you is so, so inadequate. But I must say it nevertheless so as to mind my manners :) Thank you Emily, thank you dear friend.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stitching away...

The Prairie Fairie is taking some time to be stitched. This is how far I got:

I finished a wall hanging ornament for my sis last weekend. It's a gift for her friend that's going to the UK to further her studies.

Also I have completed my stitching and finishing for NNC's Anniversary gift. So I am happy as a pea and way ahead of schedule.

I intend to start 'To Laugh Often' by Twisted Threads this week. And Drawn Thread's Sampler Gameboard is also in the pipeline. Along with a special project with Margaret Wong starting next month. So I'll be preeetty busy :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stash...glorious stash!

I was in the midst of my Saturday morning chores :( I hear the postman goes pin-pin on his motorcycle. That normally means there is something you need to sign or a package that needs to be handed over the gate. I I was expecting some glorious stash.

I took advantage of the sale at Jean's Needle Little Love on 9th August. I tend to review service given by LNSs and INSs very particularly and let me tell you one thing Needle Little Love has never failed to impress me. Jean's service is top notch!! This is my 3rd order from her and there certainly will be many many more :)

I got Twisted Threads 'To Laugh Often', I just love the saying and I will stitch it for my dad, gotta get going if it is to be stitched for his Christmas present. And then there's those PS Fairies, 2 pcs of fabulous Belfast and a Q-Snap, DT's famous Gameboard Sampler and a magnifying lens from Daylight Company for the old eyes :p

Can you see I am in stitchy heaven?? :D :D

Friday, August 17, 2007

Long Dog 18th Century Sampler - Week 15

I've been diligently working on Long Dog's 18th Century Sampler. It's a massive undertaking, if I might say so. I believe I underestimated this piece. I've got 2 more bands and then I am finished with it. However... I will take some time away from it now. I need to work on something lighthearted, know different :D

Perhaps a Prairie Fairie! :D

I am stitching her on 25ct Floba 3 threads over 2. I intend to stitch all 4 Fairies one above the other and finish it as a bellpull. Got some ideas on the bellpull hardware too :)

I've finished the stitching for NNC's 1st Anniversary meet, just need to finish-finish it. So all is well and going as planned.

Comment Notes: Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and also to those that come and browse. Have a great stitching weekend ahead!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Little Bag

I sewed this bag together with the WIP bags. But this was destined for a lady and her son across the causeway. Since Zohrah did mention sometime back that Adam likes bags :p I figured this would be nice for him and sometimes his mama :D Glad the both of you like it :)

Design by Lizzie Kate (freebie)
Stitched on 14ct aida with DMC threads

Saturday, August 11, 2007

CCE Received

Lody informed me that she has received my Cushion Cover Exchange (CCE). I had to take account the delivery times and mail it out rather early as she's in Iowa USA. The mailout date is 15th August 2007. So I am happy that she has received it, mailing abroad always gives me the jitters :)

It's 10" x 10" and I've finished it with 2 pairs of ribbons on both sides. I've also accented Lody's initials L.S. I am quite relieved that she likes it. Lody is an expert stitcher and I was afraid I would not meet up to her level :)

ABC Maison Bleue by Maryse (Freebie)
Stitched on Cashel with DMC threads

Also I've completed the August SAL installment of the Be Glad Sajou with Jess. I am so looking forward to September's panel :) I have great plans for the finishing of this piece ;)

I am still plugging along on Band 6 of Long Dog's 18th Century Sampler. Hope to complete that tonight and move on.

Also I've started on Prarie Schooler's Prairie Fairie 1995. I just love it, I've cut my fabric enough for 4 of the fairies to be finished as a bell pull. My first! :)

Comment Notes: Thank you all for dropping by and commenting on my WIP Bags. I appreciate it so very much. Jean - yes, they do make good Christmas presents, don't they? ;)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

WIP Bags

Seeing that my WIPs are coming along preeetty slow :( I figured draw-string bags would make suitable storage. The xs patches were done a year or two ago. So they've come in handy now :)

Design by Lizzie Kate (freebies)
Stitched on 14ct aida with DMC threads

Comment Notes: Thank you for your comments, appreciate it and glad to be of help. Any questions? Just fire away :)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Basket/Tray Tutorial

I was inspired to make a basket/tray after browsing Harmien's blog. I walked the step in my head and came up with this simple tutorial. This piece can be washed if you remove the cardboard base.

You'll need:

Stitched piece
Front fabric (optional)
Backing fabric
Cardboard the size of the base
Ribbons (8 lengths)
Hard interface (optional)

Step 1

Machine stitch the front fabric to your stitched piece, if you've given a generous allowance of linen, this step is not necessary.

Step 2

This is the backing fabric stitched with a slit on one of the sides where we will slide a piece of cardboard to ensure the base is sturdy, also this allows the whole piece to be washed if so required.

Step 3

With right sides together and aligned, slip the ribbons between front and back piece. Pin both the pieces together.

Step 4

Again this is an optional step where if you prefer the sides to be more sturdy and upright, you'd want to iron on a piece of hard interface on all four sides of the stitched piece. Sew the piece on all four sides. Do not leave an opening for turning as we already have a slit on the backing fabric. Trim any excess fabric and the corners.

Step 5

Turn it over and neaten the edges.

Step 6

Slip the cardboard into the slit and into the pocket you've created with some excess fabric much like inserting a pillow into a pillowcase.

Tie ribbons together, trim if you wish.

And that's it, you have a completely washable basket/tray! :D BTW I've tea-dyed the stitched piece, it was just too white for me :)

Please feel free to leave me a comment should you have any queries, I'll answer them in my next post.

Happy weekend all!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August 2007 Goals

Not too bad a month according to goals. I'll be more focused on the 18th Century Mystery Sampler in August as there are no outstanding exchanges for me. However I do have to put some thought to stitching and finishing a pinkeep before the end of September for NNC Quarterly SAL. No denying I might get distracted with some smalls along the way ;)

The month that was:
  • Work on Long Dog 18th Century Mystery Sampler SAL (into 3rd month) - Band 6 now, looking swell
  • Work on Sara Hathorne Sampler - not touched at all, well I took it out of the Scroll Frame and serged the edges :p
  • Work on ABC Birds by Aurelle - just a little here and there
  • Complete tatting for the 25 motif Challenge - Done 15/07/2007
  • Complete stitching for the CCE - Done 18/07/2007
  • Completed 1 bookmark
  • Completed 1 mini flanged pillow
  • Completed stitching part of 1 freebie Amitie
The month that will be:

  • Work on Long Dog 18th Century Mystery Sampler SAL (into 4th month) - I want to try to finish this sampler in August
  • Work on Sara Hathorne Sampler - I hope to put in some stitches here and there
  • Work on ABC Birds by Aurelle - Gosh I think I better finish this
  • Finish the Amitie freebie into a basket tray
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