Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stash...glorious stash!

I was in the midst of my Saturday morning chores :( I hear the postman goes pin-pin on his motorcycle. That normally means there is something you need to sign or a package that needs to be handed over the gate. I I was expecting some glorious stash.

I took advantage of the sale at Jean's Needle Little Love on 9th August. I tend to review service given by LNSs and INSs very particularly and let me tell you one thing Needle Little Love has never failed to impress me. Jean's service is top notch!! This is my 3rd order from her and there certainly will be many many more :)

I got Twisted Threads 'To Laugh Often', I just love the saying and I will stitch it for my dad, gotta get going if it is to be stitched for his Christmas present. And then there's those PS Fairies, 2 pcs of fabulous Belfast and a Q-Snap, DT's famous Gameboard Sampler and a magnifying lens from Daylight Company for the old eyes :p

Can you see I am in stitchy heaven?? :D :D


  1. Stitchy heaven indeed! Great stash.

  2. Fantastic stash, I love those PS freebies and will have to hunt them down.

  3. Oh, I've just started the game board sampler and it's such fun!
    Enjoy your stash!

  4. Oh!!Many,many~~cute stash!

  5. Great stash and love the PS ones. xx

  6. Great stash. I love the gameboard sampler! Might add that to my wish list soon ;)