Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bounty Received

Never in my wildest dreams have I expected such gifts from Emily. The amount of stitching that she has done and the work that has gone into the details and construction of the cushions, truly I am not worthy.

She has stitched not one but THREE yes three pieces for me for the CCE!!! Let me tell you more, she delivered them to my house. Hand delivered. Ah...I feel so special indeed. If only you can see me grin now :) Emily couldn't stay for lunch though I really wish she would, but perhaps some other day.

I need to add that cross stitch is not Emily's primary craft. She's an expert crochetor and took up cross stitching about 2 years ago. So now you know how awed I am when she took pains to stitch and not just any little design but three rather challenging ones. She even designed the borders using motifs from the main design. I am so impressed and so humbled. Truly I am.

Isn't this a beauty? This is a motif from CasaMia (freebie). She sewed the cushion cover 14" x 14" with some very luxurious velvety kinda fabric and she's even provided the cushion insert with it. Think thoughtfulness, think generosity...ooh my heart is bursting.

And this is at the reverse side of the same cushion, another freebie, which I cannot recall now. Note again the borders :)

And this is a longish cushion, good for the back, Emily says :) It's a store bought cushion with cover and she's stitched the lovely heart design from TGOS (freebie). Again dear friends, look at the details on the border!! Their all excerpts from the main motif. Perfection!!

In times like these I feel the word thank you is so, so inadequate. But I must say it nevertheless so as to mind my manners :) Thank you Emily, thank you dear friend.


  1. BJ,

    What can I say ??? Was so envy .. envy ... jealous .. jealous. Anyway, you are lucky and because you always been so kind and generous with all your fellow stitcher so I think you worth it.

  2. You are one lucky girl, BJ and very deserving of them too.


  3. OH MY....what do you say about those?! Other than OH MY!!!!

  4. WOW!!! Fabulous!!! They're gorgeous, love the colors!

  5. They are so gorgeous!! Enjoy them :)

  6. Very pretty and 3 pieces! wow! What a great friend you have.

  7. Amazing gifts! They are all beautful.

  8. I'm back !..someone played hide and seek with my blog !!

    Hey! there is this chair that I sit to xs and its not too comfy..
    always give me a backache..wonder why lor..??..LOL...just pulling your legs BJ.

    Yes! I've turned green......of envy! Lucky gal!

  9. Oh my heavens! What treasures!! ENJOY!

  10. Beautiful! Lucky you!

  11. Jess.8:20 am

    Swooning at all the red and the Casamia.

  12. Wow! Wow! Wow! Em. That's a lot of stitching and sewing.