Saturday, August 11, 2007

CCE Received

Lody informed me that she has received my Cushion Cover Exchange (CCE). I had to take account the delivery times and mail it out rather early as she's in Iowa USA. The mailout date is 15th August 2007. So I am happy that she has received it, mailing abroad always gives me the jitters :)

It's 10" x 10" and I've finished it with 2 pairs of ribbons on both sides. I've also accented Lody's initials L.S. I am quite relieved that she likes it. Lody is an expert stitcher and I was afraid I would not meet up to her level :)

ABC Maison Bleue by Maryse (Freebie)
Stitched on Cashel with DMC threads

Also I've completed the August SAL installment of the Be Glad Sajou with Jess. I am so looking forward to September's panel :) I have great plans for the finishing of this piece ;)

I am still plugging along on Band 6 of Long Dog's 18th Century Sampler. Hope to complete that tonight and move on.

Also I've started on Prarie Schooler's Prairie Fairie 1995. I just love it, I've cut my fabric enough for 4 of the fairies to be finished as a bell pull. My first! :)

Comment Notes: Thank you all for dropping by and commenting on my WIP Bags. I appreciate it so very much. Jean - yes, they do make good Christmas presents, don't they? ;)


  1. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Your cushion is lovely and your WIP is coming along very nicely!

  2. Amazing stitching and lovely finishings (love the drawstring bags!!!). Thanks for the tutorial too, I'll certainly resort to it as I'm unable to finish anything apart from small pillows. Well, You gotta start somewhere...
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, Barbara.
    Take care, Lili

  3. Wow, that pillow looks great. Such a nice job you did ;)

  4. That is such a pretty cushion cover - and thanks for putting it in the Freebie Gallery too!

  5. What a pretty cushion cover! And I notice you use the same needleminder I do :)

  6. Beautiful pillow!

  7. Lovely BJ. For sure Lody gonna love it.

    I like your August SAL as well. I really have a wonderful time choosing and stitching all the beautiful chart that easily get from internet. Salute you !!

  8. Lovely cushion! Ive just stitched that design recently too. Havent posted a picture of it yet, will once it's received. Posting anything you've spent so much time on gives me jitters too!

  9. CCE exchange is so pretty and your WIP is looking good.

  10. How lovely cushion!!:)