Friday, August 17, 2007

Long Dog 18th Century Sampler - Week 15

I've been diligently working on Long Dog's 18th Century Sampler. It's a massive undertaking, if I might say so. I believe I underestimated this piece. I've got 2 more bands and then I am finished with it. However... I will take some time away from it now. I need to work on something lighthearted, know different :D

Perhaps a Prairie Fairie! :D

I am stitching her on 25ct Floba 3 threads over 2. I intend to stitch all 4 Fairies one above the other and finish it as a bellpull. Got some ideas on the bellpull hardware too :)

I've finished the stitching for NNC's 1st Anniversary meet, just need to finish-finish it. So all is well and going as planned.

Comment Notes: Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and also to those that come and browse. Have a great stitching weekend ahead!


  1. Wow, your sampler looks great. You've got loads done and not too much to go either.
    Have a great weekend :)

  2. WOW!!! Your sampler is incredible, beautiful! Awesome job, you deserve to stitch something cute and quick :)

  3. Awesome job! Wow!! This serves as quite a reminder that I have been neglecting mine for quite a bit now!

  4. Yikes, is that LDS pretty, nice job ;)

  5. Oh my, what a gorgeous sampler. It's times like these, when I see these works of art, that I realise what patient people stitchers really are :o)
    I love your Prairie Fairie. I want them all in one piece as well. Perhaps surrounded by a Prairie Schooler garden, if I can find one!

  6. Jess.7:04 am


  7. That is really beautiful! You've done a lot. I can't wait to see it finished, but I too need to switch often to keep from being bored.

  8. Your sampler has grown so much !!! No wonder though you feel you will have a little break from it ;-) There is some stitching on that one !!