Saturday, August 25, 2007

A baking and stitching weekend

I baked more like 'tried' to bake Challah this morning. It looked easy enough on the video (don't they all ;) ) I believe my dough was too wet. I was afraid to add on flour fearing it might toughen the bread. It turned out okay though. But it needs another attempt ;)

On to stitching :)

A couple of starts :p Please don't give up on me...I'll finish day...I promise ;)

I've joined Yahoo! Group for Drawn Thread's Sampler Game Board. Nice bunch of people and some familar names too :) I am stitching it on 28ct Cashel Platinum with DMC threads. I'll be SALing it with Barbara on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This must be a first i.e. a SAL with two stitchers of the same name :D Here's my effort from last night:

A piece I've been talking about - To Laugh Often by Twisted Threads. I am stitching this on 25ct Lugana Vintage Mocha, 1/1 with Carrie's Creations (Rosewood & Antique Gold). I just love how the thread variegates the way it does. Gives it an old uneven feel. This will go into my Mondays and Tuesdays. It's a challenge stitching on 25ct 1/1 but since I have recenlty acquired the Daylight Magnifier Lens from Jean's Needle Little Love, my eyes are so much happier :D I'll have to breeze through this as quickly as I can bearing in mind it will be for my dad's Christmas/Birthday/Retirement gift!!! The words of this piece is so powerful and somehow I feel Ralph Waldo Emerson was talking about my dad :D

Now for some finishes. Go me!!

PS Stitching Prairie Fairie (1995) is finished. Minus her right fingers and the needle. I'll do that just before I finish it into a bellpull. 1994's Garden Fairie will be stitched in September.

Another finish is a freebie from LHN. This will be finished into a pinkeep for NNC's Quarterly SAL. Margaret gave me the most lovely baking fabric to match this lovely piece of sand linen also from her :) My thanks to Margaret.

Designed by Little House Needlework (freebie)
Stitched on 32ct Sand Belfast with DMC threads

I leave you this weekend with the progress of sis's stitching. She's doing really well with all that back-stitching! And the piece is popping out now. She's using black seed beads for the french knots. Easier option for a beginner I should think or else...I'll end up doing them for her and that's not an option :p

Comment Notes: Thank you everyone for dropping by and inspiring me so. I do appreciate you taking your time and leaving a comment.


  1. Some lovely wips you have going at the moment and your bread looks great. Better than I could do. My giveaways open if you fancing joining in the fun. xx

  2. Very nice finishes! I love the fairy and the house!
    Also the work of your sister is super! I love the colours and the sweet look of this design!
    Greetings Maribel

  3. You've been busy :) Everything looks great!

  4. OOH, your bread looks good!! I love breads :) Your wip's look great! I especially love the PS. I love that design. I wish it were still available :)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

  5. Oh wow, lots of lovely stitching. Congrats on your finishes.

  6. Jess.1:29 pm

    You've done so much in almost no time.

  7. Your stitching is looking lovely! And I'm sure your challah was delicious!

  8. Yeah! You go you!!! Everything looks stunning...I'd like to have a big hunk of that bread and tea with you :)
    Your stitching as ever is divine!

  9. Love the finishes, they look great. The challah may not look like a perfect bakery loaf, but I'm sure it tastes delicious. I still haven't attempted to make a loaf myself.

  10. You're always been busy BJ. Love all your WIP especially the PS & LHN. Great job !!

  11. Lots of progress here since my absence...LOL...loved the PS fairie and LHN.

    The bread looks yummy to me.

  12. Wow, you've got a lot going starts....baking. Everything looks wonderul ;)

  13. Many so cute stiching!!I love their.I love especially PS Stitching Prairie Fairie (1995) and LHN design!
    Wow!bread is delicious looking!I love breads!!I bake breads sometime.But I don't bake it lately;;


  14. Love the new WIPS, especially the gameboard.
    Congrats on your finishes! I have that LHN freebie waiting to be stitched