Friday, September 22, 2006

Fusion food anyone?

This is one pasta dish that I am very good at! Here I go tooting my own horn again :) I can whip it up in a jiffy provided I have some prawns or dory fish fillet. It's tomato base, fresh ones mind you, not those can stuff. The twist aka as fusion is it is a little spicy by way of adding some crispy prawn chilli paste (for Malaysians: udang kering and chilli kering). It comes in a bottle and you can get it easily in supermarkets, just a half teaspoon will do...can't take too spicy stuff.

Before it snowed Parmesan actually more like a blizzard ;)

Finally the RM9.90 shop or actually RM9.95 shop ( a variant I suppose) has arrived near me at Carrefour. I was so elated. All the goody stitching mags that I hear so much about on my board (MYS) is within reach. There was only ONE XS-mag there so far...they've just opened OK, give them a break. The mag man said they'll be getting more when I enquired, in 2-3 weeks time, oh my, oh my, couldn't contain my exitement! While waiting for the bus home, I ripped the plastic covering and was browsing it already. I bought SHAPE too, sure need some push to get a decent workout into my daily schedule. When you see the girls with slender arms and flat abs...and the gear they wear, I wanna be there too and I will too...soon... soon...

Saving the best for last..tadaaaa...


Ain't she a beauty? Niza posted a link to a very informative tutorial on how to make a pinkeep. I saved it up and well what do you know! Of course it took a lot of 'clever' planning ;) The design is a freebie by Passione Ricamo called the 'Romantic Stitcher's Set'. When I saw the Moss green 28ct Lugana that was on sale on Linda's Stitch N Such. I just knew that it would be perfect for a pinkeep. And the back?


Mona is shocked! LOL!! I did mention clever right? Aw bought the fabric from Mona and I bought the fabric from Aw. I just had to have a small piece of that fabric. Aw was so kind enough to spare 1/2 M. Thanks so much Aw. that's my pinkeep adventure, quite interesting really and ironically not too difficult, once you get into the hang of it :)


  1. I absolutely love this pinkeep of yours. Great combination in the colours and fabby. No, actually great combination in the whole works. Congrats!

  2. Barbara,
    You are talking abt the new Carrefour in Kepong, right? Maybe one day I'll be there too. Never seen that Stoney Creek mag before though I can get Shape at any of the other 9.90+ shop. (Love Shape mag too!).

    I love fixing chilies into my pasta too! Kasi oomph! Mine usually be with lots of steamed veggies too. I love it sweet and sour! Must try that paste that you're talking about.

    Love the color of your pinkeep.

  3. Yes Roz, the new Carrefour in Kepong.

    Kill 2 birds with one go i.e. get those mags and the chilli paste. I got mine from Carrefour :)