Monday, December 18, 2006

Wedding Sampler for my sis

My sis is getting maried next month so I am rushing this up and then I'd have to give the framer some time to put it all together perhaps I might have to put in a special request (which I don't normally do). I actually stitched Traditonal Sampler some time back for her, but I wanted to keep it for myself instead, so here I am in a rush now. So typical! And the design is from the wonderful book Sentiments and Sayings by Joan Elliot was perfect substitute.

Pardon the shadow I took the pic while it was still attached to the stand.


  1. Hei BJ, I bought this chart too but haven't got time to stich it. Just love the colour and it is so gorgeous. I know you can make it on time.

  2. An absolute beautiful!! I've seen the it but the detailed border is abit overwhelming for me.

  3. That is going to be beatiful! It looks fab already. You will be able to finish I am sure.

  4. That is just gorgeous!!!! I am sure that your sister will treasure it forever!!!

  5. Anonymous5:22 am

    What a nice and beautiful gift. I am sure your sister will love it!!!!!!