Sunday, December 03, 2006

One finish and many WIPs

Story of a stitcher's life I suppose. I'm wondering if in 2007 I can make some changes by reducing my current WIPs and live the simple life of one project at a time. Did I hear that'll be an excercise in vain?? Gotta try...gotta rise to the occassion!

I should think I need to set aside some time to think things through be it craft wise, work wise, fitness wise etc. 2007 is just too soon.

OK first the good news :) My finish for this weekend. A PS Freebie stitched on 16ct aida. I've finished it into a toilet roll holder, my old one was about to retire and since it's Christmas soon, I thought the bathroom needed a smile :)

Now for the WIPs:
  • Hardanger Doily
  • Sara Hathorne Sampler
  • Shoe face beading
  • Bed socks to knit (before Christmas)
  • Tatted angel ornament (before Christmas)
  • 25 Motif Challenge (tatting) - 11 motives finished so far
  • Tote bag for the 5 Mini Challenge (I'll finish this tomorrow as I needed to get it edged)
  • Boxy Lady Project on NNC (I've finished the stitching, wanna try to make my own box)
  • Finish LK's Friends and family into a wall hanging (before Christmas)
I've got my hands full, to think I've ordered a few LHN's and that's on the way, and the temptation to start on one of them will be very strong. I might start on the Stitcher's Prayer and I need it staring at me everytime I contemplate on starting a new project. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!!!

Comment Notes: Thank you all for your kind words, will finish the patchwork wall hanging soon and then you'll see the bell pull in action!


  1. I love the toilet paper roll holder. It is great! I need to do one for my bathroom. Do you happen to know where I could maybe find the finishing instructions for one?

  2. Wow, I never thought of this great idea for finishing! I'm with Cindy - where can I find finishing instructions?

  3. Wow, you picked up the colours in your tiles!

  4. So sweet. Loved the colors. Another finishing idea created !

  5. Anonymous3:30 am

    I love your finish. Looks like you'd better post the finsihing instructions.:)