Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Crafts of the Momogun Rungun

I was at KL Sentral this evening and there was a small exhibition cum sales of handmade craft by the Momogun Rungun the indigenos people of Sabah, Malaysia. There is a person there that was quite familar and I believe our paths have crossed in this small community of crafters. I believe I've met her at the Petronas Gallery where she was attached. Am not too sure if she is currently with them.

She is currently on a project of promoting/selling crafts from indigenous people who do not enjoy popularity or an outlet to sell their wares. They are grouped within the larger Kadazan/Dusun etcnic groups. The two left items are made by these indigenous people and I am thinking BELLPULLS!!!

Also I visited the Cheshire Home shop and got me a really nice frame for just RM3.00. I am thinking Lizzie Kate or Bent Creek or .... :)

Got Teddy back from the framers last week and have been sent off to it's new owner 1 + year old Sean. And just in time for Christmas too. Simple framing as always :)

Comment Notes: Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. Makes me wanna try more finishes, which I will. You all have been so kind. Thank you.


  1. I think those two items would be great for bell pulls! I love the new frame! Teddy is so adoralbe and come out just perfect framed!!

  2. Anonymous12:17 pm

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  3. Great purchases Barbara!!
    Teddy looks so sweet and I know Sean is going to love him.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Anonymous7:59 pm

    I love your Teddy, I hope the new owner of Teddy will love him too.

  5. I love those craft items you pick up, very unique, and I think will go perfectly with stitching! And of course, the teddy bear is too cute, I'm sure Sean will love it! :)