Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A gift for Lily

I couldn't say anything about this before because I wanted it to be a suprise. Because Lily definitely reads my blog!! :)

Why do all good intentions go awry? People at the post office was most uncooperative. Here I am on the edge on my seat wondering what's happened to the package and because Lily has not contacted me! So I did some snooping around and sure enough it was at the PO near her home. Sheesh...don't this people work anymore? Why do you register a package? Because you want peace of mind, because you are sure it'll reach the person it's intended for. I did not get any I'm afraid...sigh...

So I had to email Lily (imagine!) to let her know. There goes the suprise...but she's so sweet in saying the email is suprise enough and how I'd made her day and how she's running down the stairs to the PO NOW!! LOL! So all's well and it's safe in her hands now.

Freebie design by Atelier Fil en Scene finished into a pinkeep. The fabric beneath the pinkeep is the backing fabric.


  1. Indeed a surprise BJ! I was not expecting anything in the mail for another week or so..LOL, yeah..imagine my excitement...couldn't even wait till I get back to the office to open the envie, was doing it in the parking lot infront of the PO! LOL...can't blame me rite ? So sweet of you...thank you !loved it!

  2. Anonymous9:33 pm

    How pretty!! I love the colors.

  3. Sometimes the post is just horrible!!! So glad that all is well with the package though. Love the pinkeep! Aweseom job, Congrats!