Sunday, November 05, 2006

A FO and a WIP

I've finished the 5th piece of the 5 Mini Challenge. And I mean totally finished as in sewn and washed and ironed. It's a pouch which I've appliqued some tatted motives. It's going to hold the tatting stuff I take a long in the bus when I'm travelling. It's rather delicate tatting using size 80 thread. Nik might be able to recognize the colour ;)

The Prarie Schooler is going too slow. Maybe it's the 18ct, yeah right blame in on the fabric. I've just not been putting in the hours needed. I'll spend at least an hour a night to finish him and then I'll get to work on my other WIPs soon enough.

This is an update of the 5 Mini Challenge to date:
1. Bent Creek - Dance of the Bumblebee, still at the framers, they will call me, when it's done ;)
2. Photobook - Stitching done, finishing not yet
3. Box - Stitching done, finishing not yet
4. Bourse - Completed
5. Pouch - Completed


  1. Congrads Bj, Lovely pouch

  2. Those look great! I just love the pouch, it is so pretty. Congrats on doing so well on your mini challange!!!

  3. The pouch is a beauty! That PS Santa is looking cute! Almost finished!!

  4. Congratulation, Barb. Love your pouch especially the colour.

  5. Congratulations BJ, beautifully done.

  6. This tatting thing is so cool, that pouch is beautiful! I'll just stick to stitching though, can't pick up any more hobbies! LOL. Congrats on almost finishing your mini challenge, every milestone is important!

    eileen :)