Saturday, November 04, 2006

Meeting Lillie

I met Lillie for the first time for lunch yesterday. It was an experience for me as I've never met anyone from my board before. It was kinda like a 'blind date' really. Somehow I could recognize her from the car she drove, it was on her blog ;) and her daughter, she was featured on her blog too.

Lillie showed me some exchanges she's participated in, it's supposed to be an appetiser to our thosai and teh tarik lunch! Needle rolls, biscornus, needle books, mail arts...lovely pieces of work from all over the world and locally. Since I was coming from an appointment. I had nothing to show :( Maybe next time.

Lillie even suprised me with a box of goodies, buttons, ribbons, flosses, and a wonderful piece of stitched Christmas ornament. Thank you so much Lillie!

The cute box housing all the goodies

Goodies all spilled out

Close up of the Christmas Ornament

We chatted about crafts and some local LNS nearby and Lillie was giving me some beading tips. We had a nice simple lunch and Lillie and her daughter Dianne's company made it real special.


  1. Wow BJ, U finally met Lillie yea.. I hvn't met Lillie yet thou I met some of our stitchers frenz b4. And lucky U for getting a lovely goodies from Lillie..

  2. What awesome goodies you got and it sounds like you had a great time with Lillie!!!

  3. Yup! Such nice goodies U got there, BJ! So nice of Lillie!

  4. Glad you like everything in the little red box BJ :D

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely lunch and some lovely goodies too.