Monday, October 30, 2006

Beating the Plateau

I needed to be real sure that I've dipped under my weight plateau. And for 2 straight weeks it has. So this gives me renewed resolve to get to my target of 55kg (121 lbs) by Christmas! It should be doable since the weighing scale says I need only to zapp another 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) of lard. I am certain this happy circumstance is due to my increased cardio times and serious weight routines. And the flood of endorphins after a workout...I feel gooooooddd! :)

On the stitching front. I'm bringing my new resolve to completing all my WIP's BEFORE starting anything new. Gonna make a clean break by New Years. I'm got some stitching lined-up already for 2007!

This is what I've been working on. 18ct aida, tea-dyed by moi. 1999 Santa by Prarie Schooler.

Comment Notes:

Thanks Nik, Vonna and Cindy for coming by, ask away if you have any questions. And Vonna those snowmen noses must have been mighty cute! :)


  1. Hemmm Barb, Is that for your own collection or any exchange that you take part. Anyway, good luck for your diet.

  2. Can't wait to see the finish piece. I loved PS santa series.

  3. The scale dropped? Congrads. Any secret receipe to share ?

  4. Good luck on taking off those last few pounds. I wish I had more more wil power to lose weight! I love how your piece is coming along and can not wait to see more of it!!

  5. Barbara, thanks so much for the button-making tutorial! :) I have to give that a go, hopefully I will have better luck with my 2nd attempt!

    And congrats on the weight loss, it's something I find sooooo hard to do, so keep up the good work, and maybe it will get my butt into gear! LOL.

    eileen :)

  6. Anonymous8:02 pm

    I know that you will achieve those last few pounds, you are so close!

    Stay focuced and positive and it will happen. And if you slip up, get RIGHT back on track like you've done before.

    You're doing awesome!


  7. Congratulations! Plateaus can be sooo difficult! Fantastic!

  8. Well Congrats to you on the diet and exercise....I've been exercising mightily...losing weight is another matter...