Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good News and Bad News

We'll start with the bad news. The Pashmina shawl man wasn't at Pasar Malam last night...sigh. Maybe I went early because it was threatening to rain, maybe he's on Raya leave already. Hope he comes back to peddle his wares the Monday after the holidays.

Now the good news. Lizzie Kate's 'Bless our Home' is framed. Not for me though, for a friend that's going to shift into a new house this year end. Gotta stitch another for her sister and another for poor moi. Oh my, I think I've got my money's worth for this chart!

And the SHS...very slow progress. I am working on smalls lately so the lady has to take a back seat for a little while longer.


  1. Lovely. Simple and nice..Had been thinking of how I should get mine frame too.

  2. Sorry you missed the pashmina man. Hope he's back soon & you to buy the shawl you want. Your Lizzie Kate finish is lovely. One of those designs I know you won't mind making several times.

  3. Nope, BJ! It's definitely the same one! Now that U hv framed it, it is confirmed that it is d same one! LOL!

  4. Beautiful stitching!!! I love Lizzie Kate designs!

    I love your blog as well and will be adding you to my blog roll . . . hope you dont mind!

  5. Jess.9:17 am

    I think your turbo needles are putting us all to shame. So productive! Chat with you in a couple of weeks.