Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Better Button

I think this is better than the previous button but as in everything it can be improved ;)

Last night I completed some smalls and was very happy when I started striking off my to-do list. Sam and Jake's teddies are completed, and now there's just the finishings to go. Need to mail them by mid next month if I want it to reach Randi in NY before Christmas!

After seing so many ornaments in so many blogs I wanna stitch one too. So tonight it'll be The Prarie Schooler Santa 1999. I've tea-dyed a smallish piece of 22ct hardanger for it this morning...ah planning... comes in handy ;) But you will notice it's not on my to-do list :P Maybe I should start a 'I just need to stitch this' list :D


  1. oohhh! that button is cute!

  2. Love the button!!! I think a I just need to stitch this list is a great idea! ;)