Sunday, October 15, 2006

3 down 2 to go

It's been a productive weekend. Here's my 3rd completed stitching for the MYS 5 Mini Challenge. Gonna be finished into a photo book later. It's a freebie from With My Needle.

I was stitching the Sara Hathorne Sampler by Hesters Needle last night and realised there was something amiss. The instructions were not very clear. So I stoped stitching and emailed Janie Applebaum. She replied very promptly this morning and I got my doubts cleared. There are some mistakes in the instructions for Band # 1, so for those who want to attempt the SHS please email her for the corrections or comment here and I'll explain it further.

I quickly set upon frogging some work I did last night, so that I can start stitching and not frogging tonight :)

Reply Comment to Nik:
I think you've got a different one, one that is more squarish with words all around a house I believe.


  1. Ur 3rd mini is real sweet, BJ!

  2. Love your 3 minis Barbara.
    Before you know it you will be ready for your next challenge.