Saturday, October 07, 2006

Buttons & Charms

I did some baking this evening...the polymer kind. I had some canes that I made a long time ago so all I did was sliced them up, poked holes into them and baked em! I didn't realise I have so many other canes that I could make into buttons. I have some translucent canes and I'd want to make them into heart pendants, a method pioneered by Elissa Powell

So these are my results, the ladies look so pathetic don't they? They were suppose to smile :( Don't really know what to do with them, pendants? earings? I dunno...I'll just give it away and let the recipient figure it out ;)

And these are some buttons, the red ones are glow-in-the-dark. They actually do!


  1. Oohh! The buttons are nice, BJ! U selling them? *wink*

  2. The face buttons is really pretty eventhough they are not smiling.

  3. The face buttons/pendants are so cute. How did you ever come up with these quirky ladies?
    Looking forward to seeing which projects you choose for you 5 x mini.

  4. Jess W7:46 pm

    It's not that they aren't smiling, just say they have that sultry, pouty come-hither look!

  5. Yeah Margaret, they are quirky aren't they. It's actually from a book I suppose. They look so much better in the book somehow :(

  6. Hey Jess,

    Hahaha! Trust you to come up with an excuse for a downright mistake. LOL!! Sultry, pouty...hmmm, then again you might be quite right!!! LOL!!

  7. I dunno Nik, I might want to sell some buttons, just not these ones. They are bad. That's why I've given some to you! LOL!!