Saturday, October 28, 2006

Finished bourse

Thank you Joanie for your excellent instructions on how to make a bourse. I just had to try it, but without any stitching, just a bourse to carry my tatting projects.

I used a silky, flimsy fabric and hence it is not sturdy. For sturdy construction I will consider a piece of interface between the fabrics. Maybe for my next bourse ;) I did not sew a channel for the cord on mine, the buttons are holding the cords. However with a stitched inner piece a channel will be preferred. The results are fabulous and the possibilities of contrasting fabrics are endless. Thanks again Joanie for sharing.

Bourse - closed

Bourse - open, spilling with some tatting stuff :)

Comment Notes:

Thanks, hmmm personality of their own?...never thought of it that way...

Thank you for dropping by

Thank you, you'd think they were some jelly beans huh?

OK, I will look into a tiny tutorial on making some buttons soon.


  1. Looks lovely Barbara!

  2. You done an absolutly fantastic job on the bourse!!! That is just beautiful!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing the link. Loved the fabric color...sooo...chocolate! kinda reminded me ...of choc!LOL.

  4. Yupp.. your bourse very lovely, make me want to do one for myself