Saturday, December 16, 2006

A day of finishes

I've finished 3 items today that I've been meaning to, clearing my pile as I go along. I want to try to have all this odds and ends completed so that I can focus on more stitching ;)

Jo once put up some pics on her Christmas towels and that inspired me to come out with this. I call it a towel topper. It is fully detachable from the towel and I can use the topper with another towel. I might want to do up another later. We'll see.

The design is part of a LHN freebie and it's stitched on 16ct aida with DMC threads.

Next up is a cushion cover that I have envisioned beginning of this year and have finally become a reality. This is a design from Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine. Kinda comtemporary stitching huh? :) I am using a cord within the bias binding, just a subtle touch of purple all around. It needs a thorough washing once I've got the buttonholes sewn on Tuesday.

Lastly, a quick sew. A piece of blue flannel from China costing just RM5/M. Sewn together with some ribbons to hold all my unframed cross stitched pieces.

Comment Notes: Thank you each and everyone for dropping by my humble nook, and your lovely comments warms my heart.

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