Thursday, July 20, 2006

Withdrawal symptoms

Not the intravenous kind nor the snorting kind while 'Hey Jude' plays on the radio. It's the stitching kind. Does that mean I am a confirmed addict? Is rehabilitation in the cards? Shall I check into SA (Stitching Anonymous) ? LOL!!

I've not been stitching this couple of nights and my JEFS SAL suffers for it. However I've been reading...cross-stitch books! I bought a book from Popular yesterday evening. Lily the bookshop girl called to say that 2 new cross-stitch books have arrived, reserved for me I feel important or what. So I decided to get one of them, going for a steal really RM15.90 and the designs are absolutley lovely (aren't they always). She was on leave so I passed the bookmark I made for her to a co-worker. I am expecting an elated call Friday morning ;)

1 comment:

  1. M stitching a victorian house frm the book. However the project is currently a UFO! LOL! MIght pick it up if I've got some encouragement! LOL! *wink*