Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Samplers galore

I got my 1st batch of purchases yesterday. Ahem! This is an eBay win for London. Her name is Anne and she was so kind to susidise the postage. Can you imagine? I am beginning to believe that stitchers have hearts of gold!

They were her collection of samplers that she has collected through the years from magazines but never got around doing it. From the date of some pages I can see it was from 1995. I was quite anxious in winning that bid. She said that she'd only accept PayPal for International bidders, so I went away. And then I discovered Western Union and proposed that to her again. But I soon realised that Western Union was charging and arm an a leg for their fees, the bid was only for 50p for pete's sake.

So I had to resort to good old bank draft and proposed that to Anne instead and she agreed. You see determination pays :) So with me now is like....oooh...let me see...42 pieces of sampler designs! Anne's really got good taste I tell ya...similar to mine...hahaha! It's all in those plastic envelopes, neat. I suppose her wish came true...the samplers are in a good home ;)

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