Saturday, July 01, 2006

JEFS SAL - Ground Zero

Well...almost. Not any point if I post a picture of an empty piece of aida, now is there? It's a wonderful feeling to be working on a 'real' project again. The design is fantabulous and the colours are so vivid. And the thought that this is a SAL with Nik (of MYS) makes it all the more special. Nik is right, after working on evenweave/linen for some time and then switching to work on good old aida, one just flys.

My eBay purchases are on the way from the UK and US. My 1-2-3 stitch purchase is also on the way. The anticipation is killing me. I wonder if anyone died of anticipation? Poor souls. I just need to discipline myself to not get head over heels and start a project while I'm still on the SAL with Nik. I know Nik will keep me rooted. I want the JEFS to have my complete attention.

OK..enough rambling, back to stitching! Ain't life good? :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi! good job on the 'store', hope they all go like hot cakes (btw your buns pic looks delicious)