Saturday, October 06, 2007

Prairie Schooler - Block 1 (to date)

I'm still struggling with the Prairie Schooler Friends 'The ornaments of our house...'. I'll work on this till I finish, before starting my last installment of the Be Glad Sajou.

Next up is the just completed NNC Card Challenge organised by Ying. Ying has so kindly provided all the materials required for the card and we're allowed to add a maximum of 3 items to the making of the card. I am not creative in this department as you will notice ;) My victim...ooops I mean partner was Lene.

I finished an earlier design that I stitched into a little Christmas ornament (never too early!). I included in my package to Lene, I am glad she liked it. The design is from Tantes Zolder (freebie).

Design from Tantes Zolder (freebie)
Stitched on 28ct Lugana with DMC 75

Lastly my sis stitching is back from the framers. I think it looks real swell.

Comment Notes: Thank you all for dropping by and leaving such nice comments. Jeanne: You're right, we must try to keep these old needlecrafts alive. Samplerlover: you can always pickup tatting online these days, there are videos even. My friend Faizon is a wonderful tatter who is always pushing the limits with new designs and techniques. She's got a great blog full of tutorials, you might want to have a look. I know as I've learnt much from her. Squazi: I've used the not so conventional way of needlebook finish found at Casamia (not a tutorial but a picture of it). But there are many other methods of finishing of a needlebook that you can find at Focus on Finishing, complete with step by step instructions! So it should not be too difficult, if you do encounter problems just shout in your blog and help will be on it's way ;)


  1. Your PS block looks great, and your sister's stitching came out beautifully!

  2. I'm loving the PS block :) and your Christmas ornament looks great :)
    Great framing for your sisters sampler :)
    Have a lovely day, Barbara :)

  3. Love the PS block! Im really into PS at the moment.
    Lovely Christmas ornie too. The frame looks great for your sis's sampler

  4. The Prairie Schooler is coming along nicely. Your sister's finish is beautiful.

    Thanks for the info on the needlebook.

  5. Thank you for the link to your friend. I have bookmarked it and had a quick look. One day when I have an hour to myself with out any distractions I will get my tatting gear out and have another go. I will let you know of my progress.
    Your PS is looking lovely and its never too early for a Christmas ornament. Tantes zolder has some lovely designs on it. Have been following from the beginning.

  6. Jess.7:49 am

    I think we're both running late on the Sajou Beglad!

  7. I love that little Christmas fob. What a nifty idea for adding the ribbon. I usually struggle with a point! Thanks for posting where you found it. I'm going there soon as I sign off here.

  8. Looks great. Nice work on the ornie, BJ

  9. I just love the colors in that PS block!! Your little fob/ornament by Tantes Zolder is so sweet - and thank you for putting it in the freebie gallery too!!!

  10. Some gorgeous stitching here Barbara!! Love the PS. xx

  11. Your PS piece is coming along beautifully, Barbara... And the Christmas ornie and card you made for Lene is so very lovely... Your sister's finish is gorgeous and I love the frame!!! :-)

    You've been quite the busy bee whilst I've been MIA from blogland and it has been such a joy seeing all your beautiful stitching and finishing and your witty, inspiring posts never fail to make me smile... :-)

    I love the frame you chose for My Needle and My Floss... It's perfect and just gorgeous! :-) If all goes according to plan I'll be finished with The Sisterhood this week... Finally... ;-)

    Thanks so much for always stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely, kind words Barbara... you are ever an inspiration! :-)


  12. Nice work on the PS block. Your sister's stitching looks great framed and the ornament is lovely too.

  13. Lovely finishes. And what a fabulous Prairie Schooler design!