Friday, June 23, 2006

Rainy Nights

Tonight's one of those nights that never seem to stop raining, drizzles, stops, drizzles again. Not that I am complaining of course. Did the chores except bathe the mutt, which I have left it for tomorrow when it is sunny. Poor fellow hates to be bathed as it is, what more cold weather.

Am relaxing and winding down, made myself a hot cup of tea. Nights like these are rather ideal for stitching wouldn't you agree? The radio's on and I suppose I'll be stitching soon, just some small pieces at this moment. Maybe I'll browse through some magazines and books for some X'mas designs. Continuing the series of seasons, below is Winter.

This is a freebie design that Aida of the MYS group posted. It can be found here only till end of June. Changed it a little to incorporate Chris's name. Converting it to a pocket for a bag I'm gonna make him. He can put his lunch pack and tumbler in it when he goes to preschool next year. I just know the perfect place to get some brown gingham and piping for the pocket. It'll be my Christmas present to him. Aren't those buttons cute? Got it from Linda also from the MYS group.

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