Saturday, June 24, 2006

Submit Order to 1-2-3 Stitch!

Yeap I hit it!!

Now for some history. I've been pre-occupied with getting those Lizzie Kate charts from 123-stitch. They were on sale you see. Some mornings I'll just browse and look at those cute designs and sigh. Last night, I was quite certain I must get them. So I scoured the designs and eliminated the expensive ones and just focusing on the cheapy ones (the ones I consider really on SALE) i.e. USD1.99 (okay, we all know I am a scrooge). So this morning I resolved into purchasing them ( an uncanny surge of determination, hehehe). And my charts have increased by 8 LK's ( the 4 seasons sampler, 3 Santas, one homey sampler) and one enormous, the jewel of my heart Sara Hathorne Sampler!

Considering I've got some charts on the way from my Ebay winnings, and today a down right purchase, I am in seventh heaven. I must have done something right :)

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