Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sanguine Store - Launched

Today I started a very small online business. It's called (for the lack of creative names ;) ) ...... Sanguine Store !!

I am selling Carrie's Thread. As you know, I've been stitching a couple of designs with Carrie's Thread and I find the colours super and the range she has is immense. I have been stitching fervently to build up my own gallery of stitched pieces with Carrie's Thread, so that my 'customers' can view some finished pieces :)

I will order my stock, soon after Carrie gets back from her Easter hols. But the machinery has started ;) Here are a couple more sampling:

Design from Papillon called The Three Emblems (freebie)
Stitched with Carrie’s Thread - Viridian on Antique White Belfast, 2/2

Design by Lilian Kok (freebie) - WIP
Stitched with Carrie’s Thread - Deep Purple on Antique White Belfast, 2/2

Comment Notes: Thank you all for your kind comments on Margaret's Pincushion. Yeah Emily, it was intentionally made tiny! :D


  1. Well congratulations on your new store! Best wishes to you :)

  2. Congratulations on your new store Barbara. With all the lovely things you make I am sure it will be a big success.
    You asked about stitching 1 over 1 on 25 ct. Yes this is much easier than 28 ct and the coverage is excellent. I would suggest you complete both arms of each cross as you go as it is still so small that it is sometimes hard to see where the last stitch was. Have you ever tried using 1 thread rather than 2 where 2 are called for? A friend of mine who makes the most beautiful pieces does that as she prefers the 'water colors' effect. I tried this on 'Easter Parade' which is almost finished and really like it. I hope to post a picture later this week. In this case it is then 1 over 2 on 28 ct.

  3. PS: I forgot to mention that I have only done 1 over 1 on evenweave. Personally I think linen would be more difficult.

  4. Congrats! Carries threads are pretty! I think i will have to buy some soon. I like your finished pieces too!

  5. Carrie's threads are great, aren't they! I love them. Good luck with your new business!

  6. Congratulations on the new store! How exciting. My very best wishes to you!
    Your stitching is so beautiful.