Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some WIPs

It's WIP week again at NNC. How the weeks fly? Couple of things happening this week, there's Valentine Stash Exchange which I am expecting a package any day now and our inaugural meet intentionally arranged to coincide with Shanny's home coming.

For my WIPs:

Sara Hathorne Sampler, slow but moving, if only I don't get distracted by some smalls ;)

Flatfold quaterly SAL on NNC. The colours look fushia here but really it's far from it, it's of a deep rich red. Somehow my camera's not capturing reds too well lately...

LHN (freebie) 2 sheeps, slow progress :(

And finally an actual finish but not a proper finish. I am thinking along the lines of a scissors keep...we'll see :)

There you have it another round-up on what's stitching. Have a great week everyone.


  1. Mmmm...looks like someone is pretty buzy these days..'wink' The Wips is looking good :D

  2. Anonymous8:45 pm

    All your stitching looks wonderful. Many start like everyone else it seems :0)

  3. Great stitching! That would be a cute scissors keeper. :o)