Monday, February 12, 2007

Crochet...nay. Tatting...yay!!

I have requested earlier on as a favour if someone in my amazing group NNC would teach me crochet when we met. Yes we met alright, yes Emily and Faizon taught me alright but sadly nada... I think I'll never crochet again. Mind you it's not my teachers, it's just me :s I don't think I quite dig crochet afterall. I'll hang up my hooks up right this moment!

This is so awful, was supposed to be a pot holder, who am I kidding!

Now for the yay part. Faizon came over and sat next to me and she said "Would you like to learn the split ring?". I did not have a chance to answer ;) So armed with shuttles in her hand she showed me how. She made it look so darn easy. I should think she was actually saying "Come one get to the deep end, get off your comfort zone". And guess what, a split ring I did!! Yes!! You see what some words of encouragement can do. Thanks a mil Faizon. Here's the proof:

After every stitch of the split I had to check if the ring was still alive (tat talk)!

Also I had help from Jane. My fingers are now doing the itsy-weensy-spider! ;) Their well and alive! She's a super tatter and have recently adopted a family. A riot I assure you! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. Congrats on learning to tat! Sorry crocheting didn't work out so well for you. :o)

  2. You certainly did, good work on the split. Sorry about the crochet though, but never thought you'd be giving it up so fast, ;)


  3. Did not know there was a differnce between the two but you make it look easy and cute.

  4. Hey Barbara, thanks for the Chinese New Year wishes! :) I look forward to stuffing my face with lots of food, muahahaha. *grin* And nope, sorry, won't be planning to a trip to KL during that period, but my partner's father will be working there from March 1 onwards, so if we ever plan a visit, I will be sure to let you know! And all that tatting talk is too confusing for my poor brain to understand, but I know it looks good! Hee hee...

    Thanks again for dropping by, I'll catch up with ya when I get back!

    eileen :)

  5. Interesting about this cro-tat thing. Loved your boxy lady project...its red? but pink looks lovely too. Congrads on a project well done.