Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fabric shopping

 I was at Jalan TAR this afternoon and did some fabric shopping at Harisons.  The Deepavali sale has not started and the prices of almost all the fabrics were still regular prices.  I actually wanted to get some linen and lawn cotton but they were not discounted, so I decided to go for the clearance / best buys :)
 Above are 2.5M each of Thai Silk blend and all for a princely sum of RM5/M!  What a bargain!  They'll be especially good when I am now beginning to learn the ropes of this wonderful hobby of being a seamstress.  They are a pretty soft and flowing fabric with lots of drape, something I have not tried before ... we'll see how it goes.
 The left cotton print was also clearance at RM8/M by Quilt-Gate, Moda Crackle for RM10/M and flannel for the backing of the Pure baby quilt.
I was wondering if my order from Fabric Shack would arrive and I saw the pack thrown into my porch when I got home. Mostly quilting fabric except for the bottom blue and white cotton/nylon blend from Roman Holiday collection by 3 Sisters are for garments.  They have a sheen and looks really grand.


  1. You have some great fabrics there. Looks like many hours of pleasure ahead.

  2. Looks like you will be busy for a very, very long time, but stunningly dressed in BJ originals!