Monday, October 25, 2010

Amish Star Quilt - WIP

The Amish Star quilt is coming on lovely.  I've run out of Kona Black so I need to order from my favourite IQS Fabric Shack to continue with only 10 more stars left.  Of course there's the borders and cornerstones too.  I've got a whole LOAD of help from Merilyn (no blog) with deciding on the borders and it's layout.  She even designed it on EQ so that I could get a visual picture of how it will turn out.  My sincere thanks to you, Merilyn.

That's my anything goes fried rice for Sunday lunch, with prawns, chinese pork sausages,  chopped french beans, sliced onions and I can't have fried rice without an egg!  Needless to say I pigged out! :)

That's my HST and QST for the Christmas Challenge on SQT Yahoo! Group.  My design is a block found on Marcia's Quilter's Cache.  I used Lori's tutorial for the HSTs, it's really very clever.  You can find the tutorial here.  Now the QSTs were a royal pain.  I did not measure the pieces bigger so that I can trim back the pieces after piecing to a 2 1/2" square and I was having so much trouble sewing them together.  So I had to cut a bigger piece again and redo all 8 QSTs!  The quilt will be only one block with borders around it. I am using the precious sampler fabric by BBD that Jess gave me some time back.  Love it to bits.  And  I'll most likely hang this on the wall, the whole year through since their not Christmas fabrics.


  1. The Amish star quilt is so graphic! What a beauty it will be!!
    The Christmas Star block is a great one!! Love the fabric!

  2. that Amish star quilt is coming along nicely~!
    and after seeing your food photo of the fried rice i'm hungry~!~lol~